All Throne of Eldraine Spoilers for September 12

All of today’s Throne of Eldraine spoilers have been revealed – let’s delve into each one! Remember, you can check out the Throne of Eldraine Preview Schedule to see what’s coming up as well.

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Elite Headhunter

Source: APAC MTG Facebook Page


As we know we are getting a full cycle of 10 cards like these, but this one is probably the most underwhelming out of the lot. The activated ability costs too much and the payoff is just not there. On the flipside, if the devotion mechanic ever becomes a thing again in Theros then it could be marginally useful.

TheAsianAvenger’s Spoilers

Source: TheAsianAvenger

  • Fell the Pheasant: There are cards like Plummet already in Standard, so whether this card sees play will depend on whether Food Tokens become useful. Feel free to hunt Angels and Dragons with this card!
  • Wolf’s Quarry: Paying 6 mana to get some 1/1 does not seem too great, especially since the Boar tokens have to die to get the Food token payoff.
  • Fierce Witchstalker: This is another 4 mana 4/4 that is very strong on paper, and it also generates a Food token as soon as it comes into play.

DailyMTG’s Spoilers

Source: DailyMTG

  • Ardenvale Tactician: This is a good limited card, we would never not play a 2/3 flying creature for 3!
  • Merchant of the Vale: This will have perhaps have implications for reanimator type decks or as a poor man’s Arclight Phoenix enabler, and it also has a decent body for limited. You don’t need to tap it for its ability either, which is a decent mana sink if you keep drawing lands.
  • Edgewall Innkeeper: This could be decent in limited if you have 4 to 5 Adventure cards.
  • Wandermare: 3 mana 3/3 (like Savvy Hunter) is always a solid choice, and unlike Edgewall Innkeeper, it already has a decent body to be useful even if you cannot make use of the extra ability.

Autumn Burchett’s Spoilers

Source: Autumn Burchett

These look pretty innocuous, but Lost Legion seems like a nice card for limited (like Octoprophet) as scry 2 is a solid ability. Ogre Errant is probably the next best, reminding us of cards like Loyal Pegasus and it will make your opponents really difficult to block.

Deafening Silence

Source: Andrew Cuneo

Rule of Law is already in Standard, and this card looks more suitable for tabletop eternal formats (like Legacy or Modern). Might be good in an Enchantment synergy deck, especially with the new Theros set coming up (which was an Enchantment themed set).

Shota Yasooka’s Spoilers

Source: Shota Yasooka

The English translations for the cards are as below:

“Sound Intrusion” – B
Sorcery – Uncommon
Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You may choose a nonland card from your opponent’s hand. If you do, your opponent exiles that card. If a nonblack card was exiled this way, exile a card from your hand.

“Red Cap Brawl” – R
Instant – Uncommon
Red Cap Brawl deals 4 damage to target creature or planeswalker. If this deals damage to a non-red permanent, sacrifice a land.

Oakhame Adversary 3G
Creature – Elf Warrior
Oakhame Adversary costs 2 less to cast if an opponent controls a green permanent.
Whenever Oakhame Adversary deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

This is the rest of the self-color hate cycle, with Mystical Dispute spoiled so far. These all add to the range of sideboard options we also have in Core Set 2020, and Sound Intrusion looks especially strong with Thought Erasure also in Standard. Veil of Summer will be an important card – even cards like Noxious Grasp is seeing main deck play depending on the metagame.

Glass Casket

Source: @maro254

This is a suitable replacement to Baffling End, and it is also an Artifact (rather than an Enchantment), so it does not have Enchantment synergies with cards like Starfield Mystic if we were inclining that way.

Thunderous Snapper

Source: @wizards_magic


A little bit better than Elite Headhunter, and if you can follow it up with a 5 mana creature next turn (in limited), then you are all set.

Oathsworn Knight

Source: Weekly MTG

This is another strong Black Knight card – a 3 mana 4/4 is nothing to scoff at, especially in an aggressive shell. Although Ugin’s Conjurant did not see play in Standard, the Knight tribal is getting a lot of push in this set and Oathsworn Knight could be part of that.



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