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MTG Arena Update on Historic

MTG Arena is reversing the decision to raise Wildcard costs for the new Historic format after a lot of feedback.

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All Throne of Eldraine Spoilers for September 12

All of today’s Throne of Eldraine spoilers have been revealed – let’s delve into each one! Remember, you can check out the Throne of Eldraine Preview Schedule to see what’s...

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Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Clackbridge Troll

Noxious has a card spoiler for us, and it is another big Troll (see Feasting Troll King). Clackbridge Troll Source: Noxious This card strongly reminds us of Desecration Demon, which...

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Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Feasting Troll King

Piotr Głogowski has another Green card from Throne of Eldraine to show us today! Feasting Troll King Source: @kanister_mtg (Piotr Głogowski) The push for mono colored deck continues in this...

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Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Lochmere Serpent

Marcio Carvalho (and the Portuguese Magic: The Gathering podcast team) is presenting to us today the lochness monster in Throne of Eldraine. Lochmere Serpent Source: @KbolMagic (Marcio Carvalho) In constructed,...