Daily Arena Deck Advisor (v

Hey everyone, I’m back with another Deck Advisor update!

This update contains some quality-of-life improvements, a Russian version release, and a bunch of Brawl-related under-the hood changes. Read on for more details.

The download links and user guide are available at the MTG Arena Zone Deck Advisor Tools Page.

Here are the features that have changed since the previous version:

Tab List Headings
Non-clickable “header” tabs have been inserted into the list of deck tabs on the left side of the screen, helping to delineate what each section of tabs contains, so users don’t only have to rely on the styling of the header text for this information.

Note that these headers are only shown when the selected deck sort is “Default”, as selecting another sort can break up the sections.

Localization Support/Russian
Localization Support has been finished (although it’s on-going as new features are added), and we have a complete Russian translated version including a Russian installer (the installer links on the MTG Arena Zone Deck Advisor Tools Page now include separate links for Russian versions of the installer).

Some of the Russian translations are still a bit rough, but hopefully our Russian translator can help clean those up soon. 🙂

Minor and Under-the-Hood Changes
This release features a bunch of small bug fixes and under-the-hood changes, as listed below:

  • Command Zone – Modified handling of Brawl decks to treat “Command Zone” similarly to main deck and sideboard. This change was in response to a similar change in the Arena detailed log file…possibly to support Partner commanders and/or other formats like Oathbreaker?
  • No Player Inventory Info Screen – When Daily Arena Deck Advisor is not able to find player inventory information in the Arena detailed log, it now displays a screen with information about how to get that information into the log, instead of throwing an unhandled exception.
  • Bitmap Scaling – Fixed a binding issue that was causing Bitmap Scaling from the DailyArenaDeckAdvisor.exe.config file to be ignored for card image tooltip popups. I’m 80% sure this caused crashes for a small number of users.
  • Brawl Player Decks – Fixed a bug that was including Brawl decks from the player’s inventory in the Arena Standard deck list.
  • Seven Dwarves – Added [c]Seven Dwarves[/c] to the list of cards that can have extra copies.
  • Card Meta-Stats – Fixed a bug that could cause cards to erroneously be reported at a higher meta share then they should (possibly even over 100%!)
  • Fixed typos in comments

Tutorial – Building Toward a Target Deck
A user on Discord recently expressed interest for a tutorial on how to use Daily Arena Deck Advisor to build toward a target deck, while handling updated suggestions as the collection builds.

Say I’m a “free-to-play” player that is working toward a Mono-Blue Mill deck. I don’t have the cards for it right now, but I’m fine (for now) playing a Mono-Blue deck that relies less directly on Mill and substituting in cards while I work on my collection.

In order to keep track of my target deck while playing with an “unfinished” version of the deck, the first thing I do is import or create the “final” or target version of the deck in Arena, and then fire up Daily Arena Deck Advisor. DADA shows the target deck in the “Player Decks” section of the deck tabs on the left side of the application, and gives me a list of Suggested Replacements for cards I don’t yet own.

I can then click the “Export w/Replacements” button to get a version of the deck with those suggested replacements on my clipboard and import that deck into Arena to play with and continue building my collection.

Now assume I’ve played for a while and opened a Throne of Eldraine booster containing a copy of [c]Overwhelmed Apprentice[/c], a [c]Vantress Gargoyle[/c], and a [c]Didn’t Say Please[/c] (lucky!). I got a [c]Shimmer of Possibility[/c] as an Individual Card Reward, and I’ve also opened a Guilds of Ravnica pack (it was a Mastery reward) that contained a [c]Sinister Sabotage[/c] and a [c]Wall of Mist[/c], also my Rare Wildcard track just filled up, so I have an additional Rare Wildcard at my disposal (Nice!).

After browsing to my collection in Arena again (to update the log) and opening (or refreshing) Daily Arena Deck Advisor, I can see that the progress on my Mill deck has been updated, and the Suggested Replacements have changed slightly, reflecting better replacement choices I have from my newly-expanded card pool.

I can now “Export w/Replacements” again, and import my updated deck, or just manually make the updates, and then keep working this way until I can finish the deck off using Wildcards, making incremental steps toward my target as I go.

Future Enhancements/Bug Reports
All planned enhancements can be found on the Github Issues Page (and any bug reports should be submitted there, as well). If you’re so inclined, go take a look, and maybe even add your own feature request on Github!

Free Account Progress Update
The only progress update I have for my free account is that I’ve been playing a new Mono-Red Aggro list in best-of-one, which doesn’t include [c]Cavalcade of Calamity[/c], and have been having good results with it (deck list below). I’m also looking forward to Brawl coming back next Wednesday, and am thinking I might try out a [c]Jace, Wielder of Mysteries[/c] deck the next time around, I’ll include whatever deck I end up running with next week’s update.

[d title=”Mono-Red Aggro (Bo1, without Cavalcade)” style=”embedded”]
4 Runaway Steam-Kin (GRN) 115
2 Footlight Fiend (RNA) 216
4 Scorch Spitter (M20) 159
4 Fervent Champion (ELD) 124
4 Rimrock Knight (ELD) 137
4 Robber of the Rich (ELD) 138
4 Torbran, Thane of Red Fell (ELD) 147
4 Shock (M20) 160
3 Slaying Fire (ELD) 143
2 Light Up the Stage (RNA) 107
1 Skewer the Critics (RNA) 115
2 Tibalt, Rakish Instigator (WAR) 146
1 Chandra, Acolyte of Flame (M20) 126
17 Mountain (DAR) 262
4 Castle Embereth (ELD) 239

Thank you to all the users who have tried out this application, and passed it on to your friends. I look forward to making further improvements, and putting together other useful tools like this in the future!

As always, feel free to send any questions, comments and criticisms to me here, on Reddit, on Twitter at @DailyArena or on Facebook via the @DailyArenaMTG page.




Joseph Eddy is a Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Software Developer, and Gamer. Magic is his favorite hobby, and he’s looking forward to seeing you all on Arena. He streams Magic Arena on occasion, but currently is unable to keep to a set schedule.