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Hey everyone, I’m back with another Deck Advisor update!

Another update with mostly behind-the-scene changes, but a few potentially interesting developments if you feel inclined to read on.

The download links and user guide are available at the MTG Arena Zone Deck Advisor Tools Page.

Here are the features that have changed since the previous version:

Mac/Linux Support
I started working on a platform-independent command-line-only version of the program that can be run on Mac or Linux (or Windows!). Currently all I have is a test program with basically zero functionality (it just gives you a “press any key” prompt and writes some log files), but that will improved in the weeks/months to come. Eventually I would like to add a little web server inside the program so you can use a browser as a GUI interface.

I would appreciate any help I can get testing this to verify that it works on operating systems that I don’t have access to.

The console version of the application requires the .NET Core 2.2 runtime to be installed on your machine, here’s a link to that:

Download .NET Core 2.2

The application itself is currently packaged as a ZIP file that you need to unzip to a folder and run from there. Here are links to the ZIP files for the various supported platforms:

64-bit OSX (Minimum Version Required: macOS 10.12 Sierra)
64-bit Linux (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu)
64-bit Linux using musl (Alpine Linux)
ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi)
64-bit Windows
32-bit Windows
ARM Windows
64-bit ARM Windows

The executable to run is called DailyArena.DeckAdvisor.Console.exe on Windows, and DailyArena.DeckAdvisor.Console on Linux/OSX. On Linux you may need to manually chmod the DailyArena.DeckAdvisor.Console file to make it executable before running it.

Spanish Support
I’ve added support and translations for Spanish. It’s rough, as my Spanish isn’t stellar, so if anyone can volunteer to clean up my translations, that would be great! 🙂

Windows Defender Nag Screen
We finally have Code-Signed executables and installers (thank you, Patrons!), meaning that from version and moving forward, Windows Defender/SmartScreen will not ask you to trust “Unknown Publisher”, but will instead ask if you want to run a program from me, “Joseph Eddy”. Once we get enough trust built up in Windows Defender, the nag screens should go away completely.

Minor and Under-the-Hood Changes
This release features a bunch of small bug fixes and under-the-hood changes, as listed below:

  • Blank Standard Deck Names – Changed some server-side code to handle a formatting change on mtggoldfish.com, which was causing Standard decks to show up with blank deck names.
  • Historic Anthology – Fixed a bug that caused crashes when loading Historic decks that contain cards from the upcoming Historic Anthology 1
  • Code Reorganization – Reorganized a lot of code to facilitate code sharing between the GUI and Console versions of Daily Arena Deck Advisor…more of this is on the way
  • Error Handling – Improved error handling so that if there is a crash due to missing card information, we at least get the name of the card that caused the error.
  • Banned Cards – Added code to filter out decks that contain cards banned in the respective formats.

Future Enhancements/Bug Reports
All planned enhancements can be found on the Github Issues Page (and any bug reports should be submitted there, as well). If you’re so inclined, go take a look and vote below on which enhancement you’d most like to see. (Or even add your own feature request on Github!)

Free Account Progress Update
I have not made any interesting updates for Standard on my free account…still just playing Mono-Red, mostly with Cavalcade of Calamity. However, I had fun playing around with both a new Mono-Black Brawl deck (Ayara, First of Locthwain), and a Gruul Deck in the Cascade event that was based on an Adventures build from my pay account, but with a bunch of low-budget replacements (although I did spend some wildcards, as well). Deck lists are below.

Ayara, First of Locthwain (Brawl)

Commander (1)
Ayara, First of Locthwain

Creatures (23)
Cauldron Familiar
Eye Collector
Knight of the Ebon Legion
Vampire of the Dire Moon
Eternal Taskmaster
Malevolent Noble
Piper of the Swarm
Priest of Forgotten Gods
Smitten Swordmaster
Sorcerer’s Broom
Bloodthirsty Aerialist
Murderous Rider
Tempting Witch
Dread Presence
Vindictive Vampire
Boneclad Necromancer
Cavalier of Night
Clackbridge Troll
Epicure of Blood
Gruesome Scourger
Syr Konrad, the Grim
Diamond Knight

Instants (2)
Sorin’s Thirst
Bake into a Pie

Sorceries (5)
Bankrupt in Blood
Epic Downfall
Soul Salvage
Taste of Death
Spark Harvest

Enchantments (2)
Revenge of Ravens
Ill-Gotten Inheritance

Artifacts (2)
Heraldic Banner
Bolas’s Citadel

Planeswalkers (2)
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Liliana, Dreadhorde General
Lands (23)
22 Swamp
Witch’s Cottage

Gruul Aggro/Adventures (Budget Cascade)

Creatures (22)
Kraul Harpooner
Bonecrusher Giant
Rimrock Knight
Edgewall Innkeeper
Lovestruck Beast
Questing Beast
Pelt Collector
Legion Warboss
Nightpack Ambusher
Wicked Wolf

Instants (6)
Once Upon a Time
Band Together
Titanic Brawl
Gift of Strength

Sorceries (4)
Domri’s Ambush

Artifacts (2)

Planeswalkers (2)
Chandra, Awakened Inferno
Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
Lands (24)
Stomping Ground
12 Mountain
11 Forest

Thank you to all the users who have tried out this application, and passed it on to your friends. I look forward to making further improvements, and putting together other useful tools like this in the future!

As always, feel free to send any questions, comments and criticisms to me here, on Reddit, on Twitter at @DailyArena or on Facebook via the @DailyArenaMTG page.


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  1. Andres Tinoco says:

    thanks, for the good work, awesome program, I can’t live without it….one question I see that you “Added code to filter out decks that contain cards banned in the respective formats” However I’m still seeing decks with Oko and the other banned cards in Standard & Arena Standard, am I missing something?