Mono Green Stompy – Historic Pauper Event

Mono Green Stompy – Historic Pauper Event


Mono Green Stompy - Historic Pauper Event

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Creature (30)
Wrecking Beast
Arlinn's Wolf
Kronch Wrangler
Sorcery (2)
Instant (4)
Land (24)
Cards 60



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  1. Shawn Rand says:

    I’ve only logged a few sets of this even but definitely recommend going full on food tokens. Since adding gingerbread cabin and curios pairs to the rotation, plus 4x Healer of the glade, I’ve done much better. I have only played red decks since the very first round that was a simic stompy deck. Life gain shuts them down fairly well. Giant growth and rabid bite and rose thorn halberd at 2 each. It’s almost like the meta has learned towards the fastest deck, so racing is hard. I’ve even dropped my elves because they dont live long enough to drop a fatty so I lean in fierce witchstalkers mostly.

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