Mono Red Aggro – Budget Theros Beyond Death Standard Deck

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Source: MTG Arena Budget Standard Decks

Mono Red Aggro – Budget Theros Beyond Death Standard Deck

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4 Embercleave4 Ember Hauler
4 Runaway Steam-Kin4 Underworld Rage-Hound
4 Phoenix of Ash4 Anax, Hardened in the Forge
4 Fervent Champion4 Grim Initiate
4 Robber of the Rich4 Rimrock Knight


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3 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    you don’t really need phoenix and robber. and cutting anax is crazy, he is better than robber, and even than phoenix (especially when you have embercleave)

  2. Jeffrey says:

    No Torbran? No Bonecrusher? This list needs updating. Keep Anax in the deck. He is what makes the Embercleave deck so good. Anax insulates you from sweepers & provides a must-kill threat.

  3. JJ says:

    So when replacing cards with the better ones, is the substitute directly across on the list? i.e. embercleave for ember hauler or runaway steam kin for underworld rage hound? or should the subs be done all at the same time? that would be super helpful thank you.