Mono Red Aggro – Historic Pauper Event

Mono Red Aggro – Historic Pauper Event


Mono Red Aggro - Historic Pauper Event

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  1. Kurt Gödel says:

    I kinda hate it, that those fine tuned “pro” decklists get published as soon as the event goes live… i have spent 3 hours for 3 accounts i play on, to make my own pauper decks without help from sites like this. When i tried the first one i noticed a LOT of exactly the same decks being played which also were hard to play against (the first two decks i made were 3 color stompy decks)… when i checked here, i found those decks which were obviously copied and played by braindead idiots for… yeah for what exactly? the rewards are not THAT enticing, that one has to win no matter what…

    But those enemycons i played against were really fckn tryhards, most of them didn’t reply to a simple “Hello” but directly started a very competitive game… The most annoying deck being the mono aggro kiln deck, which i haven’t beat ONCE… also there was a VERY stupid rat pack deck, which ONLY contained swamps and rats… i was looking for a fun casual experience with the common only restriction, not playing against pro-wannabes who only want to destroy you with the best deck they can find on the net -.-

    My third deck was a dimir discard/control deck, which could defeat anything but the kiln deck, so i got one loss but was finally able to get all the way to the end of the eventline… In fact it worked really good, i was a bit surprised after the two disastrous outcomes with the other decks.

    I had to adjust it to have more removal after the first time, but after that i had good control over the match.
    This is the deck:

    3 Island (ANA) 62
    3 Artful Takedown (GRN) 151
    5 Swamp (ANA) 63
    4 Dismal Backwater (M20) 245
    2 Notion Rain (GRN) 193
    3 Evolving Wilds (M20) 246
    2 Negate (M20) 69
    2 Essence Scatter (M19) 54
    2 Queen of Ice (ELD) 61
    2 Frilled Sea Serpent (M20) 61
    2 Duress (M20) 97
    1 Vicious Rumors (GRN) 89
    1 Burglar Rat (GRN) 64
    2 Forever Young (ELD) 89
    2 Sorin’s Thirst (M20) 325
    2 Mind Rot (M20) 108
    2 Ob Nixilis’s Cruelty (WAR) 101
    1 Savage Gorger (M20) 291
    2 Toll of the Invasion (WAR) 108
    2 Reaper of Night (ELD) 102
    4 Scoured Barrens (M20) 251
    4 Tranquil Cove (M20) 259
    1 Teferi’s Time Twist (WAR) 72
    2 Grotesque Demise (RNA) 75
    4 Agonizing Syphon (M20) 83

    I would appreciate any comments about the composition, but bear in mind that i don’t own very much of the historical cards, because i started arena a month or so before the rotation, so i had to compromise a bit…
    The greatest headache was a viable win condition with only common cards to choose from… i finally decided on
    Frilled Sea Serpent (M20) 61
    and, if you can reach the mana threshold for it:
    Reaper of Night (ELD) 102

    After trying the deck i discovered some pretty neat tricks one can pull off, for example with teferi’s time twist for some shenanigans or Queen of Ice to hold the enemy back for a bit, while amassing more mana (the lifegain lands are also VERY helpful against all that aggro you are facing). I am thinking about taking out the Savage Gorger, because he got rekt every time i tried to use him until now.



    • Kurt Gödel says:

      EDIT: the 2 Forever Young (ELD) 89 were mostly used as a way to draw a card in a time of need to get a land for example. It HAS saved my ass a few times but because there are not that many creatures in the deck, it maybe could be switched for something “better”…. but i haven’t thought of an alternative yet. Again please feel free to make suggestions. thx.

    • Cryo says:

      The internet has been widely available to the public since 1991, longer than Magic: The Gathering has existed. You’re still mad that people talk about their deck ideas and refine them and this process makes better decks than you can make?

      Also, lol. You wanted a casual experience yet you complain about the rat deck. The very definition of casual.

    • Erick Herrera says:

      Quit being such a weenie. It’s a game. Everyone’s using the same card pool. You’re probably not being that original.

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