Simic Merfolk – Budget Historic Deck

Simic Merfolk – Budget Historic Deck


Simic Merfolk - Budget Historic Deck by Drifter

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Creature (35)
Glasspool Mimic/Glasspool Shore
Jungleborn Pioneer
Kumena's Speaker
Merfolk Mistbinder
Merfolk Trickster
Silvergill Adept
Instant (4)
Cards 60



  • 4 Collected Company: The best payoff for this sort of small creature deck. Needed for lots of different Historic decks, easy craft.
  • 3 Glasspool Mimic: Roleplayer in lots of different Historic decks, especially good in this one since copying the Merfolk lords and Silvergill Adept is so good.

Upgrade Suggestions:

4 Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca4 Jungleborn Pioneer
4 Deeproot Elite4 Merfolk Trickster
4 Benthic Biomancer4 Kumena’s Speaker


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3 Responses

  1. Jasper r ranes says:

    I understand this is a budget list but would anything other then golgari midrange and knights actually get you into gold in ranked rn with everything avaiable …? Tribal decks cant be the only options.. Have you thought of introducing a burn or control list ? Even without people seeing this post just yet mtga is already flooded with knights and vamps in ranked and the biggest way to get ahead in historic seems to be the ability to deal with combo decks from the insane range of cards they have available to them right now or be able to whipe out huge boards of creatures that get outta control like vamps and knights otherwise budget decks are gonna get out raced by those pay to play bastards 8 times outta 10 not to mention all the decks you listed are simailer to prebuilt decks the game has already constructed. Iv had success with elfball and goblins for tribal and thats about it and those have a few rares like krenko or marwyn so only semi budget but still clobbers vamps any day 😂 they were good in standard but I find myself beating vamp lists with straight jank decks that should not win any games at all. Anyways everyones goin wide lately and I think there should be someone tryna do it better may i suggest selesnya tokens as well ? Then settle the wreckages to help fight the opposing army etc.

  2. Jasper r ranes says:

    Maybe make some lists that only require one playset of rares ? Something the deck is kinda built around but doesnt rely on 100% incase it gets removed especially in a best 2 of 3 match etc. ? Something someone could build up to over the course of a week or maybe already have with some playtime . only unccomons in a set like historic when everyones toolbag is so big is like bringing a pauper deck to a modern tournament and i think we know how that would go granted your lists here are tribal and have excellent synergy but it only takes someones deck to be able to throw your synergy off or just whipe your board and its over .. Every list you mentioned would suffer to control lists like mono black, esper, jeskai fires etc. Which i see alot of in gold and plat. Even if you keep it to uncommons theres no way people are gonna wanna play nothing but aggro decks in a controlly token meta or with soulsisters running around good luck dealing damage at all.

  3. Jasper r ranes says:

    My reccomendation would be to look at whats being played and build decks to combat them which is sultai food/ ramp , jeskai fires , soul sisters etc. Which all do not lose to aggro and are gonna be some of the most common decks to run into at any rank this can still be done with commons and uncommons thanks for the lists though awsome post i see where you were going with it

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