Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Historic Brawl Deck

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Historic Brawl Deck




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  1. CannedHeat CannedHeat says:

    Command Tower doesn’t even work as a land here.

    • miraika miraika says:

      Found another problem, but can solve 2 problems with one card here: replace Command Tower with a basic Island (or any other basic land) so you have something you can fetch for Field of Ruin!

      A few more lands, particularly Aether Hub and Spire of Industry, have little to no upside in this deck and could just as easily be Unknown Shores (a COMMON), Ghost Quarter, Mirrodin’s Core, or Unclaimed Territory. (Other no-downside rares you can use if you have them: Animal Sanctuary, Guildmages’ Forum, Plaza of Harmony, Throne of Makindi).

      You can also just put in a few more basics – it will make Field of the Dead a little less consistent (you can only play one basic type by Brawl rules for colorless), but you’ll be better off versus “Field of Ruin”-style effects.

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