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Eldraine Mastery Calculator Beta Now Available


The beta version of our Mastery Calculator is now available for Eldraine Mastery in our line up of MTG Arena tools! You can also find the link in the “Tools” section of our menu.

This is only a basic release so we wanted to keep things simple as we look forward to ironing out any bugs and add more features along the way with feedback from the community. For now, you can set your goal for the season, plug in where you are currently at, fill in your expected rate of completion and see what level you may end up at!

In the next few releases, we plan to add a visual reward tracker, make it look more pretty, and much more. The tool will only get better with user feedback. The best place to request features, report issues or if you need any help, join our Discord server, use the contact form, or just leave a comment below.

MTG Arena’s Mastery system is part of the complex economy of the game that other systems contribute to as well. For more information, read more:

2 Responses

  1. Craig C says:

    There are no codes offering Mastery XP for Throne of Eldraine season, nor has there been any mention of plans for any.

    • mtgazone mtgazone says:

      I believe the BroughtBack and LevelUp still works for people that have not claimed them yet, that’s why it was mentioned. I guess with this Mastery extra XP via codes or events are less likely due to the Daily Win system.