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Cavalier of Thorns (M20) Art by Jehan Choo 3

Core Set 2020 Sealed – A Complete Guide

Core Set 2020 Sealed Event is a great way to build up your collection to the new expansion set. Our in-depth guide will equip you with all the information you need so you can get ahead of your opponents and win maximum rewards.

Omniscience Art by Jason Chan 8

Omniscience War of the Spark Draft Guide

This weekend’s MTG Arena draft event is all about casting your spells for free! Have a bit of fun and boost your collection just before we welcome the release of Core Set 2020.


Deathsie’s Draft Tier List

Deathsie is a player and streamer on team Tempo Storm and he is currently a Mythic ranked limited player this season. Follow him on Twitch.