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The DotGG network is home to our gaming communities, MTG Arena Zone, MTG Meta, RuneterraCCG,, and more. We are striving towards becoming a leading gaming content and technology company. As a young startup, we are always on the look out for talent as we grow and expand. All jobs are remote, flexible, and rewarding for our team members. We’d love to work with someone like you! You can keep an eye on all job openings on our Careers page.


Recently, we welcomed MTG Meta to the network and we are looking to recruit team members to further develop the website. We are looking to grow it into a unique Magic: The Gathering community that helps players understand the current metagame, and choose the best decks to play. Users can also track their own results and get personalized stats.

We are looking for team members to fill some (or even all), of the below roles. Attention to detail is crucial!


  • Maintain accurate deck archetypes and make sure they are represented correctly
  • Maintain tournament results and make sure they are added correctly
  • Learn how the application works inside out
  • Look for product design and user interface improvements
  • Assist developers in implementing new systems and applications


  • Analyze data, such as using mathematical models and present them to users as an article
  • Create relevant content for different formats, such as deck guides

For any other job applications and expression of interest, please use the Google Form here:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Korean gamer in Australia. Proud owner of the DotGG and its network of websites. I especially enjoy fantasy worlds, role-playing games, and collecting things! Favorite games include World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, and League of Legends.