JustLolaman and Drifter’s Core Set 2020 Infinite Mythic Draft Tier List

About the authors: JustLolaman is a limited specialist – through infinite drafting (BO3), he has been able to earn an extra 20,000+ gems so far. He also he has a background of going infinite in other CCGs such as Eternal, Hearthstone, Duelyst, Faeria and Shadowverse. He also plays the Ranked Draft (BO1) to reach the Mythic Rank and finished top 10 in March limited season, top 20 in April and top 25 in June.

Drifter was previously one of the best drafters in Eternal Card Game where he is known for his tier list work and for being in the top 3 draft leaderboards many times. He is also an infinite MTG Arena drafter with about 15,000 gems earned.

If you want to learn more, follow JustLolaman on Twitch!


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