Mono Green Stompy Deck Guide for Bo3 & Bo1: Complete your Beast Quests

Hi everyone! I’m Drifter and today, I’ll be doing a quick showcase and guide for a deck I’ve been playing recently, and had a lot of fun with. This is Mono Green Stompy; a deck that aims to be good at any point in the game with powerful early, mid, and late game plays. I like to think of this deck as “Beast Quest Simulator” because many games are about whether or not your medley of Beasts can complete their quests; i.e. quickly get your devastating noncreature permanents online and protect them, after which any one of The Great Henge, the First Iroan Games, or Vivien, Arkbow Ranger can easily run away with the game!

Mono Green Stompy by cocossiste – MagicFest Online Week 1 Monday Qualifier 2 (5-1)

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Thanks to Cocossiste for the Bo3 list, which he used to stampede all over a qualifier! Every card in this deck functions as a threat, so you don’t have the classic Ramp deck problem of mulliganning hands with too many Ramp cards, or just dying because you draw too many. Pelt Collector and Wildborn Preserver can still be awkward topdecks late, but the Preserver is a powerful mana sink that will become huge as soon as you draw your next creature (and Pelt Collector is a 1 drop that routinely attacks for 4 so… yeah…).

While this list is for Bo3, the deck performs really well in Bo1 also. The strategy of “play giant creatures” tends to be great against aggro decks, and Embercleave is really the only card you have to worry about against Mono Red. Here’s my list for Bo1:

I switched this deck up a lot because I felt I was running mainly into Mono Red Aggro/Rakdos Sacrifice and Fires in Bo1, and Thrashing Brontodon is great against all those decks. I wanted to have a faster curve and I felt Wildborn Preserver wasn’t really pulling its weight in the aggro matchups, so I decided to shave some of those for Paradise Druids for maximum speed instead. The inclusion of Karn, The Great Creator allowed me to lower the number of slots dedicated to late game/card advantage while still having access to plenty of it, and this deck does a stellar job of protecting Karn. If you’re seeing a lot of Mono White/Simic Flash, you probably want to add the Preservers back in instead of Druids, since Preserver’s Reach is very important in those matchups, and its flash allows you to play around countermagic.


Strategy Advice

To the uninitiated, this deck might look as though it’s on the simpler side, but really there are myriad things to play around and a lot of potential for sweet plays. Deciding which card to play on a certain turn, to best play around what your opponents are likely holding, can easily be the difference between winning and losing games. Let me give you some examples:

  • Mana efficiency is of paramount importance to this deck; generally if you’re not sure what you should be doing, make the play that uses more of your mana like the Arena loading screen says! This doesn’t apply if you’re playing against a deck with unconditional sweepers like Azorius Control and Bant Ramp though; ideally you alternate creatures and noncreatures there, so you bait them into using the sweeper in spots where you have leftover threats afterwards.
  • If you’re playing against Sultai Ramp, that’s a reason not to diversify your threats – you want to make Casualties of War have as small an impact as you can, so don’t slam Vivien or The First Iroan Games onto a board where you already have a Creature and an Artifact for them to destroy! Ideally you want to keep your permanent types to 1-2+land until they use the first Casualties. They sometimes play or sideboard Massacre Girl, so be cognisant of that; you don’t want to add x/1s to a big board, and you want to be looking to grow your existing x/1s with Vivien/even throw them away. The Great Henge doesn’t really make this safer either since it specificies nontoken – it won’t grow your Lovestruck Beast or The First Iroan Games tokens.
  • Choosing which 3 drop to play against which opponent is often critical. Stonecoil Serpent tends to be a very solid t3 play against Jeskai Fires, since they can neither Clarion nor Teferi it, whereas playing Yorvo or Lovestruck Beast is more risky. In general, don’t be afraid to slam the Serpent early; this deck has tons of ways to use its mana late so you really don’t need to save cards for that! In Storm’s Wrath matchups or if you think they might have Lava Coil, you often want to play Lovestruck Beast if you’ve already made the token or The First Iroan Games first – that way you resist their removal, and you don’t really care if they leave the 1/1s in play. If Lovestruck Beast lives, you can often slam The Great Henge right away if you have it, whether the 1/1 lives or not, so that’s another reason to lead on that in slow matchups.
  • While it’s best to play The First Iroan Games when you have another creature out to deny spot removal on the 1/1, sometimes you will need to just jam it as a 3 mana 4/4 that makes a Gold token and that’s a fine use also – again the deck has tons of late game so you really want to use mana efficiently early to maintain pressure and keep them on the backfoot.
  • Playing around hard sweepers like Shatter the Sky is crucial for this style of deck. The best spot against that card is when you have just 1 or 2 creatures with a 4 power one; if they use a sweeper there, they’re only 2 for 2ing since you get to redraw your card, and after that you can just rapidly rebuild your board. Playing The Great Henge and The First Iroan Games can really help with this also, especially if they don’t have countermagic up – even if you have to pay a lot of mana for The Great Henge, it means you’re not overextending onto the board and makes sweepers really bad. In
  • It’s sometimes important to remember that you can play Stonecoil Serpent for 1 to enable your Lovestruck Beast attacks, or sometimes you’ll want to post-Great Henge since it becomes a real threat and draws a card at that point (it will still die if you play it for 0 though!).
  • Karn’s Bastion does a lot of very cool things in this deck; one sweet use is in proliferating The First Iroan Games to enable you to use a mode at instant speed a turn quicker – your opponents might not see 3 counters on something at instant speed coming so that mode functions as a combat trick/way to push for lethal.
  • Vivien, Arkbow Ranger’s -3 is great with the deck’s huge overstatted creatures in general, but it has specific synergy with Questing Beast, which can be used to destroy anything, no matter how big!
  • Remember that with Castle Garenbrig, you have access to 6 mana on turn 5 but only if you’re playing creatures – don’t try to play Vivien + a 2 drop with it, for example! It will sometimes be worth playing noncreatures on turns 3 and 4 to best set up that devastating turn 5. I often considered shaving Yorvos for more The First Iroan Games since he’s an ineffectual turn 3 play on many boards and one of the worst cards in the deck so I often side him out, but a major saving grace is how great he is with Castle Garenbrig so I haven’t yet. In Bo1, well, Yorvo tends to be good against aggro so I have left the 3 in.
  • The deck has a ton of trample creatures so you can find yourself with lethal in some weird spots; counting is important and you should do it a lot! Limited players will have a major edge in the boardstalls, and the deck can even prove good practice for draft gameplay. If you’re not sure how best to count it up, assign all your opponents’ blockers to your biggest nontrample attackers and just count up all your trample power and minus the total toughness of whatever they have left. This will generally give you the maximum damage you can deal, but a card like Questing Beast, which has pseudo-evasion, can throw that off so remember that your opponent won’t be able to put 2/xs and below on that.
  • For the Bo1 list, it’s worth remembering that Karn, the Great Creator can randomly hose Embercleave and other Artifacts with activated abilities e.g. while opposing Great Henges will still draw, they can’t be used to tap for mana. Karn will allow your The Great Henge to attack as a 9/9 with his +1 ability and any other artifacts he fetches up can double up as threats too. You can also +1 your opponents’ 0 mana noncreature artifacts, such as Food and Gold tokens, to destroy them (though they can still be sacrificed in response).

Thanks for reading!

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5 months ago

Karn says “noncreature artifact” so how can it kill the Serpent?

5 months ago

Why Golos in the Bo1 sideboard version? thanks in advance

5 months ago
Reply to  Drifter

Thanks mate!

Yhippa (@Yhippa)
5 months ago

What is the purpose of the sideboard for the BO1 deck?

4 months ago

Vivien abilities