MTG Arena Zone Premium Membership Now Open!

Elspeth's Devotee Art by Caroline Gariba via Wizards of the Coast

Hello to all our valued visitors and members of the MTG Arena Zone community! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for reading and for your continued support – it really motivates us to keep going and improve day by day. Today, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of our Premium membership service, beginning with the benefits of browsing MTG Arena Zone completely advertisement-free across the entire website for $2 USD a month, as well as an exclusive Discord channel and role.

We plan to expand this membership over the next few months to include more exclusive features and perks, but it is important for everybody to know that all content here at MTG Arena Zone (and any of our future sister websites) will be free at all times, and available to everyone as soon as they’re ready to be published. We will never lock any content behind any payments, and that is our mission statement going forward. This membership is completely optional.

The main reason we are introducing this feature is because we have experienced a lot of growth over the past several months, since our humble beginnings in May 2019. Our team is working day and night to provide you with the best quality news and content for MTG Arena every day. We want to try new things, invest more into the website in terms of content, technology, and other exciting initiatives all related to digital Magic: The Gathering.

As an example, we recently reviewed and rated the whole of Theros Beyond Death with Drifter and Compulsion and put all that together into a tier list. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and we want to continue and do so much more! We already have a few exciting new developments in the pipeline for 2020, but with your support the possibilities and opportunities will be endless.

As you may or may not know, we depend on ad revenue to grow and survive. We always strive to make the ad experience at MTG Arena Zone as pleasant as possible and while we continue to work to strike a good balance with our partners, we wanted to provide you with an alternative to seeing the ads altogether and a means of supporting us at the same time. You can subscribe directly at the Premium registration page, and we encourage you to read the Premium FAQ page or contact us should you have any feedback, concerns or questions.

Thank you!



Welcome to MTG Arena Zone!

6 Responses

  1. Brendan Dillon says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but while I’m interested, I’m a bit uncomfortable not using a major vendor to handle the transaction and payment info (e.g. PayPal, Square, Google, etc.) I’d pay more for a little more comfort.

  2. Johan says:

    Nice! I was wondering how to support the site esp. since I had an ad blocker on. Are you thinking of offering an annual plan at a small discount so I can pay up front?

    Thanks for offering this and looking forward to seeing what else you all have brewing!