MTGAHelper Review

MTG Arena has numerous third party trackers, and our goal is to review and compare each one as time goes. MTGAHelper is one of the fully-fledged applications available, and over time it has established itself amongst users since its inception. The sole mastermind behind this application is Bruno (and his contributors and supporters of course), who is working day and night to add new features regularly, as well as helping users troubleshoot and get the most out of it in the Discord server. We also have the pleasure of collaborating with him and MTGAHelper behind the scenes, so we thought we would start by going over some features of the program!

What is MTGAHelper?

MTGAHelper uses a local program to read MTG Arena’s game log file, parse it and send the information to their web server. This allows you to browse and access your match statistics and data via their website, which also aggregates decks from all the most popular sources, serving as a deck database that you can use to discover new decks to play.

Recently, the tracker has distinguished itself by being the only one supporting Human Draft a few days after the Ikoria patch went live, so you can have access to limited ratings and your owned copies of each card while draft picking in  Premier or Traditional Draft (please note – for now, this is an exclusive feature to their Patreon supporters).


MTGAHelper has many features split between the program and website.

Local Program

  • Syncs your data with the server in real-time
  • Sleek design, fast and uses minimal computer resources
  • In-match tracker to keep track of your library, draw %, sideboard and opponent cards played
Draft Helper MTGAHelper


  • Collection tracking to keep an eye on your growing card collection.
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  • Economy tracking displaying your Gold, Gems, Wildcards, booster packs and Vault progress.
  • Win rate and statistics for all your decks.
  • Replay logs shows your opponent, what cards were played and the outcome of each of your matches.
  • Daily history log, detailing your matches played and inventory changes to help you know where your acquired inventory items come from.
  • Decks advisor that recommends decks from the database you can play with your collection and know how many wildcards you are missing for each.
  • Boosters advisor that shows which sets to focus on opening for, getting cards from your tracked decks.
  • Crafting advisor that calculates which cards to prioritize crafting so you can play all of your tracked decks as soon as possible.
  • Mastery pass calculator to help you determine your final level at the end of the expansion.
  • A calculator that shows how many drafts to complete before opening boosters, to help you maximize your collection growth – avoiding Duplicate Protection and Vault progress as much as possible.
  • A feature that is still not in MTG Arena yet! You can set your favorite Basic Land art to use in your decks imported from the website.


If you are looking for your first third party tracker or looking for other options, MTGAHelper is definitely high up in the list. We rate its community and response from the developer very highly, and our limited ratings on the draft helper is just the start as we look forward continue working together in the future!





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Tony Homer
Tony Homer
3 months ago

Thanks for writing this up. I had installed MTGAHelper a while ago and decided to stick with MTGArenaPro, which I had been using for a while. After reading over your review I decided to give MTGAHelper another shot, but was disappointed to find that the Draft Helper is a supporters only feature now. Please add a note to that effect in your review, thanks!

Tony Homer
Tony Homer
3 months ago
Reply to  Tony Homer

I was mistaken about this, sorry. Please delete my comment if possible.

Guillaume Bordes
Guillaume Bordes
3 months ago

Thanks a lot for all your great job. Does that mean that you are working with them to perform your meta snapshots ?

2 months ago

The Helper is borked. Uninstall, reinstall three (3) times and all I get to look at is the home screen. Click on any option: Deck, History, etc. Nothing. The new update of Jumpstart must have borked the Helper. FYI, my computer operates with no issues running othe systems, games, etc. Helper needs help – it’s on life support. I tried to contact the operator of the Helper, but guess what? YUP! Borked again – not permitted.