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MTGO Standard Challenge #12071839 Decklists – First Look at the Theros Beyond Death Standard Metagame


One of the first Standard tournament results have just been published via one of MTGO’s Standard Challenge events, where 32 players competed in five best-of-three matches with a top 8 cut off.

At this stage, many decks only include a handful of Theros Beyond Death cards as players are less willing to experiment in an event with entry fees and prizes unlike the ladder environment in MTG Arena. As an example, the first placed decklist does not have any! As always, take these early decks as a starting point for your own build and upgrade as you play.



Azorius Control by Kevslinger – MTGO Standard League – January 20, 2020

Note: This is the same decklist from Standard Challenge January 19, 2020 by yoman5.

Source: Standard Challenge



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