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MTGO Standard League Decklists – October 10, 2019


Check out the latest undefeated decks from MTG Online Standard League to see what the best decks are in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

MTG Online holds competitive Standard Leagues from time to time (as well as for other formats MTG Arena does not support) and posts the undefeated decklists. I also just learnt today that not all the decks are posted here, but they are cherry picked to show the diversity in the field! Anyway, this still shows us some interesting decks we can try out when we get bored of the meta decks.

In today’s batch of decklists, it is also interesting because we have some pros here testing for the upcoming Mythic Championship tournament, possibly with the decklists they submitted for the tournament. Some examples:

  • levunga21 – Mythic Championship III winner, testing Golgari Adventures and claims that is the deck he submitted
  • lsv – Luis Scott-Vargas on the Simic Ramp strategy
  • NumotTheNummy piloted a similar deck in the MOCS a few days ago (but is using a Golos deck for the tournament)

The Rakdos Aristocrats lists look really fun to play, as you don’t have to directly attack the opponent to deal damage and you can also benefit from board wipes. On another note, also be sure to check out decklists from Fandom Legends Week 27 that wrapped out today!


FulgenceTemur Ramp
levunga21Golgari Adventures
AvocadoToastGolgari Adventures
HEROtsukaiMono Red Aggro
BernardoDGBant Ramp
NumotTheNummyIzzet Pyromancer
Awesome7574Esper Hero
_AmericanO_ Gruul Aggro
Chompers203Selesnya Adventures
ParoleRakdos Aristocrats
chris 0815Mono Red Aggro
d4ygumMono Black Aggro
_Batutinha_Bant Golos
ristinendRakdos Aristocrats
lsvSimic Ramp
MyNameTidusJeskai Fires
kado222Sultai Golos

Source: MTGO Standard League October 10, 2019



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