MTGO Standard League Decklists – October 21, 2019


Check out the latest undefeated decks from MTG Online Standard League to see what different decks players are using in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

MTG Online holds competitive Standard Leagues from time to time (as well as for other formats MTG Arena does not support) and posts the undefeated decklists that went 5 wins in best-of-three matches. This will be the last lot of decklists before the banning of Field of the Dead in Standard, where a new metagame will likely take place. There is one Bant Golos decklist in here which is included for completion.

The brew of the day goes to the Jund Aristocrats deck by L1X0, which combines the use of the Witch’s Oven and Cauldron Familiar and Mayhem Devil and green, for sacrifice synergies with Food Tokens. Give this deck a try if you want to try something different!


L1X0Jund Aristocrats
VTCLAGolgari Aggro
ChayajomTemur Superfriends
baconator5000Selesnya Adventures
MrCafouilletteIzzet Control
BertramJund Adventures
abentuSimic Food
SRXtheVGBant Food
PlaymobilBant Golos
_Falcon_Rakdos Aristocrats
Nght_FoxGruul Aggro
NEObotsMono Black Aristocrats
Poyo_del_MalMono Red Aggro
GodlikeNgMono Red Cavalcade
zpikduMJeskai Fires
Sargio95Grixis Fires

Source: MTGO Standard League October 21, 2019



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