MTGO Standard League Decklists – October 3, 2019


Check out the latest undefeated decks from MTG Online Standard League to see what the best decks are in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

MTG Online holds competitive Standard Leagues from time to time (as well as for other formats MTG Arena does not support) and posts the undefeated decklists.

In today’s meta, we can see that as it is still being solved (as expected) there is still a good variety of deck archetypes being played. The most obvious decks that seem to be performing well so far and will the ones to beat are:


IHaveTheFireGolgari Midrange
Gul_DukatMono Black Aggro
SamuelGraebnerSultai Midrange
FlamboyasaurussexBant Midrange
ThaCarterVIII Simic Food
KbzxSimic Ramp
Yungwun413Jeskai Fires
RagingMachismoGruul Aggro
AdrianRetamosaGolgari Aggro
TheLuckyBoyJund Adventures
JMMIzzet Pyromancer
Pikapikoo37Mono Red Cavalcade
KofureaSultai Golos
IWillCrushYouRakdos Aggro
ElyalloMono Red Cavalcade
ButakovJeskai Fires
MTG-MaxBant Golos
PhillyDrew215Esper Stax

Source: MTGO Standard League October 3, 2019



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