MTGO Standard League Decklists – October 7, 2019


Check out the latest undefeated decks from MTG Online Standard League to see what the best decks are in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

MTG Online holds competitive Standard Leagues from time to time (as well as for other formats MTG Arena does not support) and posts the undefeated decklists.

In today’s batch of decklists, we see a slightly more diverse range of decks, other than the abundance of Bant Golos we have seen in higher level events. Try these decks out if you want a bit of a change! In particular, the Azorius Artifacts by kurukuru looks fun if you already have the cards for it. Boros Knights is also another one I want to try!


_IlNano_Mono Black Aggro
WaToOAzorius Control
GerschiIzzet Control
_Phoenix_Bant Ramp
MatuffinoBoros Knights
mp101147Bant Golos
air_vengeanceGruul Aggro
LauxSimic Ramp
Teh_SpyMono Black Aristocrats
HarlanMTGIzzet Pyromancer
_Joseph_Jeskai Fires
GlimpseOfRandomnessGolgari Adventures
BlackDocterMono Red Aggro
AlphaFrogMono Green Stompy
Poyo_del_MalMono Red Aggro
theredjames5Sultai Golos
Metal_BuddhaSultai Midrange
AmmazzanatorEsper Stax
kurukuruAzorius Artifacts
ristinendRakdos Aggro

Source: MTGO Standard League October 7, 2019



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