MTGO Standard League Decklists – September 30, 2019


Check out the latest undefeated decks from MTG Online Standard League to see what the best decks are in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

MTG Online holds competitive Standard Leagues from time to time (as well as for other formats MTG Arena does not support) and posts the undefeated decklists. These are the first of the bunch to be released since Throne of Eldraine has been released and we can see players cautiously trying the new cards.


ArianneEsper Stax
Venom1Simic Flash
GasotamuRakdos Aristocrats
MTG-MaxRakdos Aggro
Gul_DukatMono Black Aggro
Kado222Golgari Midrange
MTG-MaxMono Red Aggro
ZKIIHNE Jeskai Fires
DillyG10Bant Food
Shai-Hulud86Simic Food
VTCLAGolgari Aggro
VTCLAGolgari Aggro
Yungwun413Bant Midrange
ChayajomMono Green Stompy
MaxxattackMono White Aggro

Source: MTGO Standard League September 30, 2019



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