MTGO Standard MOCS Decklists – October 5, 2019


Check out the latest top decks from MTG Online Standard MOCS (Magic Online Championship Series) to see what the best decks are in Throne of Eldraine Standard so far.

Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) was held this weekend, which is a high level competitive tournament which leads to qualify for Mythic Championships. There were 102 players this time, which meant 7 rounds of Standard best-of-three matches followed by a top 8 playoff. Check out the top 8 decklists below, though you can check out more decks (up to the top 32) on the source page if desired.


djbmppwnsBant Ramp 1st6-1
MattiBant Golos2nd5-2
Daniel_GarciaRakdos Aristocrats3rd7-0
RanggyuMono Red Aggro 4th6-1
ThalaiBant Golos5th6-1
LaCriaturaBBMono Black Aggro6th6-1
sebastianpozzoBant Golos7th6-1
Gul_DukatBant Golos 8th5-2

Source: MTGO Standard MOCS October 6, 2019



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