MTGO Standard Players Tour Qualifiers Decklists – November 22, 2019

Magic Online’s PTQ (Players Tour Qualifiers – Mythic Championship equivalent in 2020) were held this weekend! 129 players participated in the Standard portion in the fresh new metagame after the mass banning on November 18, as well as information from the Twitch Rivals tournament held a day after. The tournament consisted of 8 rounds of Standard best-of-three matches followed by a top 8 playoff. Here are the top 32 decklists from the event, with a metagame breakdown (you can click on the archetype name for more decklists).

Deck ArchetypeNumber of DecksDeck ArchetypeNumber of Decks
Jeskai Fires9Golgari Adventures1
Jund Sacrifice7Selesnya Adventures1
Rakdos Knights3Simic Flash1
Golgari Sacrifice3Temur Reclamation1
Rakdos Sacrifice2Four-Color Fires 1
Mono Red Aggro2Mono Blue Tempo1


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Source: MTGO Standard PTQ November 23, 2019



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