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New Deck Section and Upcoming Content


Hello to everybody reading this and thank you for visiting MTG Arena Zone. What started off two months ago as something to learn about web development and my love for MTG Arena as a hobby, is now something a little bit more serious. Today I wanted to talk to everybody about what we are working and what is to come on the website in the coming weeks.

New Deck Section

We’ve soft launched the decks section of MTG Arena Zone. Obviously it is not close to having the scale of the other MTG websites, but the goal is to curate the most up to date decks for MTG Arena that people can digest more easily. We plan to have awesome guides for specific decks as well as archetypes.

User submitted decks is also something we’re looking into, but other sites do that much better and it will be a long time before we will be looking at prioritizing the feature over quality content.

The Core Set 2020 Draft Guide

Our latest feature content, Core Set 2020 Draft Guide is being revised and will be redone soon. I wasn’t too happy with the content (though the basics are there), and will be going into much more detail. Sorry about this!

In turn, we may be looking at writing a more general guide (e.g. how to build draft decks) for limited instead so we don’t have to repeat the content with each new set or draft rotation (but obviously link to the articles as well).

Beginner’s Guide

We’re working on a series of Beginner’s Guides for all key topics and aspects of MTG Arena. We will feature them more once we get the ball rolling and have more topics ready. We’re going to be focusing on the game’s systems for this month, such as MTG Arena economy (gold and gems), individual card rewards, wildcards, and so on.

More to Come

There’s a thousand things on our minds for this website, and we will grow as MTG Arena grows as well! We are also looking for content contributors, regular or freelancing, so please reach out on Discord or Twitter if you are interested. We are looking for all kind content creators to partner with – streamers, Youtube, competitive players, writers, the whole lot.