New Free Code for 2000 Core Set Mastery XP: BroughtBack

Brought Back (M20) Art by Mitchell Malloy

Wizards of the Coast just released a new free promo code you can redeem – BroughtBack – which will boost your Core Set Mastery by 2000 XP (equivalent to two levels).

The latest update of MTG Arena introduced us to the new Core Set Mastery System, which allows players to earn rewards for playing daily. This new reward structure has been met with controversy from the community, which we will discuss soon. We hope MTG Arena listens to all the feedback from the players.

On another note, you can head to our MTG Arena Codes section for the complete, up to date list of free MTG Arena promo codes just in case you might have missed any (there is a lot of them!). You can also check out instructions on how to redeem them, and information on other types of codes as well.


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