No Limits – FNM at Home Event Guide and Decklists

Lightning Bolt Mystical Archive

This week’s FNM at Home event is No Limits, where you can build a deck using any card and with no restrictions on how many copies you can play! As usual, enter the event for free and play as much as you like for the next 24 hours. You can also win some free Rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) and send a proof of your participation to your local game store (LGS) to obtain an Arena FNM Promo Pack containing two cosmetic items. Below is everything you need to know about the event as well as our latest decklists you can use to conquer the event.

You can check out the full schedule of the FNM at Home series as well as other MTG Arena events on our calendar!

Event Details

FNM at Home: No Limits

Connect with your local game store while keeping yourself and others safe by playing Friday Night Magic (FNM) on MTG Arena!

In today’s event, the only rule is that there are no rules! Bring a deck of at least 40 cards from all of MTG Arena, and we do mean all. No bans, no restrictions on number of copies, no need to have the cards in your collection. Hold on to your sparks – it’s about to get wild.

You can receive a code for an Arena FNM Promo Pack containing two cosmetic items when you share your results with your local game store. Find out how, as well as a list of banned cards here.

*Note: While supplies last. Not all stores are participating.

  • Duration: June 24, 2021 @ 4:00 PM PST to June 26, 2021 @ 4:00 AM PST
  • Format: No Limits
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Ends After: You can play as much as you like for the duration of the event.
  • Match Structure: Best-of-one matches (BO1)

Event Rewards

  • 1 Win: Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)
  • 2 Wins: Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)

You can also redeem one code for a MTG Arena Promo Pack every week, which will reward you with two in-game cosmetic items. To ensure that these rewards remain playable after the Zendikar Rising Standard rotation, the list of available rewards has been refreshed as of the September 18 FNM at Home event. There are sleeves on offer featuring the Japanese Planeswalker alternate art, new Guild themed sleeves, Ikoria card styles, the Tamiyo player avatar, and more. The code is obtained from your local game store’s online community, as outlined in the Wizard’s official article:


Some stores have robust online communities, and others will be forming them for the first time. If you’re already part of such a community, great! Check with them and get connected.

If you aren’t part of a local game store’s online community, or if they don’t have one set up, there are a couple ways you can get connected. One is to simply reach out to your store and ask (give them a little bit of time—many of them are getting this information today as well). Another is to head to to find your local game store’s website. Not every store has a website on there right now, but our teams here are reaching out to our stores to help them set up options and connect them to our store locator. Many of them will be setting up online communities through DiscordWhatsApp, and Facebook, so you may have to join or download one of those applications.

Step-by-step, here’s how it works:

  1. Play in the event (win or lose as much as you want)
  2. Take a screenshot of your event page
  3. Go to to find your local game store’s website
  4. Join their social media channel
  5. Share your screenshot with a nice message on their channel
  6. The store will message you a code* back.

*Note: While supplies last. Not all stores are participating. Limit one code per account. Sharing a screenshot with your local game store does not guarantee you will receive a code.

If you cannot find an appropriate store or just don’t want to bother with the whole process, you can buy the codes directly from trusted MTG Arena code vendors such as Gray Viking Games. For a few dollars, you can instantly obtain the code to the MTG Arena Promo Pack as well as codes from other products such as Prerelease, Planeswalker decks, Secret Lair sleeves, and more. For more information of MTG Arena codes, consult our full guide. Be sure to check them out!

MTG Arena Zone is supported by its audience. When you buy codes through this link, we may earn an affiliate commission.

No Limits Decklists

Magic Hall of Famer and Maths Doctor Frank Karsten has ran the numbers for us and gave us the optimal number of Lightning Bolt (or even Fervent Champion) you should play in your deck if you want to try and burn your opponent and quickly as possible for the two wins:

We’ll be adding more decks throughout the day, so check back later!

Having said that, it might not be as simple as you think since you can face almost anything – including an army of Charmed Stray! We have actually had a similar event as an April Fools event called New Historic, except back then we didn’t have any Strixhaven or Mystical Archive cards. Here they are again for your reference:


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13 Responses

  1. Uhm, Dark ritual, peer into the abyss and Tendrils ^^ EZ t1 kill 🙂

  2. DoggertQBones says:

    If you are looking to win fast and easy, go with the Channel Plat Angel deck, most decks can’t beat it

  3. NZS says:

    Leyline of Sanctity beats the tendrils deck, but if you sub in Torment of Hailfire then hexproof doesn’t protect them. This build has been working quite well for me, winning almost every game on turn 1:
    3 Torment of Hailfire (AKR) 128
    5 Swamp (STX) 371
    25 Dark Ritual (STA) 26
    7 Peer into the Abyss (M21) 117

    • n2rva says:

      Great efficiency deck

    • Fakeemail says:

      Similar for me. I haven’t done the simulation math to fine tune the optimal win rate. I’m running 2 copies of torments, 7 swamps, 25 dark rituals and rest peer into abyss. I only lose when I mull to 6 and dont have 4x dark rituals + 1 peer into abyss or if the opponent t1 kills me using a mirror deck. Half the time I mull to 6 and dont have I end up winning on t2 anyways once I pick up the next dark ritual. I think this is the fastest I’ve gotten 15 wins for the week ever, like less than 30 minutes.

  4. Some Dude says:

    1 Bolas’s Citadel (WAR) 79
    1 Torment of Hailfire (AKR) 128
    7 Agadeem’s Awakening (ZNR) 90
    1 Aetherflux Reservoir (KLR) 217
    24 Dark Ritual (STA) 26
    6 Demonic Tutor (STA) 27

    The combo is ritual up to 8 or more mana, cast DT for Bolas’s Citadel, play Bolas’s Citadel. You can then cast your entire deck with Bolas’s Citadel (Agadeem’s Awakening can be cast for X = 0 for no effect). Just make sure to tutor up and play Aetherflux Reservoir at the first opportunity in order to keep your life total up. You can kill the opponent with Aetherflux Reservoir, or if they have a Leyline of Sanctity use Torment of Hailfire.

    This wins on turn 1 with,
    1 land + 4 rituals + 1 DT + any other card
    1 land + 3 rituals + Bolas’s Citadel + any 2 other cards

    The chances of getting one of the above hands out of a random 7-card opener is 37.8%. But the Bo1 hand-smoother makes this even higher since it biases towards one-land hands. You also get two shots at it since you can also mulligan to 6 and still get a turn 1 winning hand.

    On the draw, you can also keep 1 land + 3 rituals + 1 DT and you have a pretty high chance of drawing the 4th ritual for a turn one win.

  5. VDK84 says:

    22x Thieve’s Guild Enforcer
    8x Lyeline of Sanctity
    10x Brightclimb Pathway

  6. muribundi says:

    Such a great event. I won 2-0 drop from event.

    Game one, I won with my opponent concede after my first Dark Ritual cast. Game two I was thinking about muligan or not and my opponent conceded…

  7. Tripp says:

    I run a deck with mostly meddling mages and spell pierces. Shuts down most decks I come across and is especially fun against decks that run just one card.

  8. johnald says:

    6 swamp, 16 dark ritual, 7 doom whisperer, 11 creeping chill

    it needs only 4 cards in hand for a t1 win – swamp, 2x dark rit, doom whisperer. far fewer to get than any of the other t1 win decks, so much easier to mull into if needed. i’m like 30-7 with it, my only losses being to other t1 kill decks when they’re on the play, and one time i had to mull to 3. doesn’t target so leyline of sanctity doesn’t beat it (it does lose to leyline of the void, depending on what they do after – a t1 6/6 flyer still can beat them if they don’t have any action). i played all these other lists and this one is by far the best.