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Weekly MTG – Meet MTG Arena’s Jay Parker

Yesterday’s Weekly MTG video interviewed Jay Parker, the new MTG Arena game director that replaced Chris Clay, who left the development team recently. The community had their concerns on this matter, and here are some summarised answers from him, courtesy of /u/arthurmauk:…

Risk Factor Art by Chris Seaman

War of the Spark Season 2

Season Details Format: Constructed: Standard Ranked Ladder BO1 and BO3 Limited: Ranked BO1 Draft Duration: May 31 2019 to June 30 2019 Constructed Legal Sets Ixalan Rivals of Ixalan Dominaria Core Set 2019 Guilds of Ravnica Ravnica Allegiance War of…

MagicFest Generic Image

MagicFest Taipei Friday MCQ Top 8 Decklists

MagicFest Taipei 2019 has begun, and each day there will be a Mythic Championship Qualifier. The winner receives an invite to Mythic Championship Richmond. Today’s MCQ attracted 196 players that competed in the Standard format, which we can refer to…

MTG Arena One Billion Games Played

New Free Promo Code: OneBillion

MTG Arena is celebrating its one billionth game played by giving out a free War of the Spark pack. Use the code OneBillion on the in-game store and redeem your free pack! Since going live to open beta on September…

MagicFest Generic Image

MagicFest Kansas City Top 8 Decklists

MagicFest Kansas City wrapped up over the weekend – 859 players brought their best Standard decks to compete in this paper Magic tournament. This event is relevant to Arena Standard players for decklists and analysis as the player number is…

New Free Promo Code: InnerDemon

New Free Promo Code: InnerDemon

The second week of War of the Spark Chronicles continues. The new Pauper event is now live to mark the second week (out of five) of the War of the Spark Chronicles event. Along with this, a new free promo…

Generic Wizards of the Coast Image Patch Notes

BUG FIXES Chandra, Artisan’s first ability should now deal the correct amount of damage when she is dealt combat damage. KNOWN ISSUES “Asset Error Detected” – Players who have their Windows display language set to Turkish may encounter an “Asset…


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