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Recruiting Writers and Content Creators for MTG Arena Zone


MTG Arena Zone is looking for dedicated writers and other content creators to cover all aspects of MTG Arena (and other related Magic: The Gathering topics) on our site! We are looking for staff members to enter our rapidly growing team behind the scenes and contribute to the high standards of content we strive to meet every day. Please read the below job description for more details.


We are looking for a broad range of content creators that can regularly post and update the type of Magic: The Gathering format they are passionate about and help our website and network grow. This includes writers, video producers and even streamers! Examples include:

  • Competitive deck guides including meta and off-meta brews
  • Innovative deck ideas
  • Formats other than Standard; Historic and Brawl will be high priority and other new formats as introduced over time
  • Beginner’s guides and other MTG Arena related content

Other editorial duties may include:

  • News reporting (reposting Wizards of the Coast announcements, such as State of the Game, patch notes, tournaments, etc)
  • Editorial pieces (own thoughts about the state of the game, upcoming feature, game updates)
  • Engaging with the community

You may also be asked to cover a certain topics where there is a gap in content, if required.


  • Have strong command of the English language and be able to express your thoughts in a concise, coherent, and engaging manner
  • Have strong proficiency and passionate about MTG Arena and Magic: The Gathering
  • Be able to post regularly and be able to update content as required (e.g. as new sets are released)
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Having experience and knowledge of the technical side of websites would be an advantage


  • This is a paid position, with a revenue sharing agreement on all content created by the applicant that will be explained and discussed in the later stages of the recruitment process
  • Everything is up for negotiation, and every circumstance will be different and tailored to the individuals involved


E-mail us now at mtgazone@gmail.com or if you have any further inquiries please contact Terence at our Discord server for a chat. There is no strict format for applying, but it would be appreciated if you could show any examples of any of your work (does not have to be MTG related) or any related achievements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Drifter Drifter says:

    Hi! I figured I’d make a testimonial for anyone interested in the experience of working for Arena Zone. I wasn’t asked to do this, this is entirely my own decision. I’ve been working for Arena Zone for three months now and here’s my experience so far:

    A huge part of satisfaction in a job is being happy with who’s managing you, and I can say wholeheartedly that Terence has been a great manager. He’s helpful, approachable, reasonable and he rewards hard work. When I’ve brought any issues I’ve had to his attention, he has always devoted time to dealing with them/discussing them with me. I’ve learnt a bunch from him and he was always happy to explain things. He has never treated me disrespectfully or devalued my work up to this point, and I’ve been given a lot of creative freedom to write what I want to write. In my life, I’ve had precious few managers who check all these boxes.

    All of this means I’ve had a really fun and interesting time in my three months so far, and I look forward to more work in future. So if you have the requirements and you’re on the fence, apply today!