SCG Tour Online – Satellite #1 to #4 Standard Decklists and Metagame


SCG Tour Online is back this weekend, culminating in another $5K Kaldheim Championship Qualifier. This is a tournament series with a small entry fee ($5) held on MTG Melee:

Play in SCG Tour Online Satellite events on Magic Arena to earn an invitation, and up to a two-round bye, for the next $5k Kaldheim Championship Qualifier!

All players that earn at least 12 Match Points in a Satellite event will receive an invitation to participate in $5k the Kaldheim Championship Qualifier on Sunday, January 3rd with an opportunity to win a share of $5,000 in cash, tens of thousands of Magic Arena Gems, and an invitation to Wizards of the Coast’s Kaldheim Championship!

All players with 15 or more match points in a Satellite tournament will also earn an invitation to Wizards of the Coast’s Kaldheim Qualifier Weekend on February 27-28,2021.

Today, the first four flights of Satellites were held. You can find the standout decklists and metagame data below, and also find the full information on MTG Melee, and the results of the other four Satellites will be published tomorrow.


Satellite #1

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Gruul Adventures3735.2381%51.7857%
Esper Doom Foretold1211.4286%49.0196%
Dimir Rogues1110.4762%53.0612%
Mono-Green Food98.5714%60.5263%
Temur Ramp98.5714%56.4103%
Rakdos Midrange54.7619%27.7778%
Dimir Control54.7619%48%
Mardu Midrange21.9048%44.4444%
Abzan Doom Foretold21.9048%44.4444%
Sultai Control21.9048%16.6667%

Satellite #2

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Gruul Adventures4922.8972%54.5455%
Dimir Rogues3918.2243%48%
Mono-Green Food3315.4206%52.5547%
Temur Ramp177.9439%51.3514%
Dimir Control167.4766%48.6111%
Esper Doom Foretold157.0093%36.0656%
Rakdos Midrange73.271%57.5%
Mono-White Aggro41.8692%57.8947%
Sultai Control31.4019%20%
Mardu Midrange31.4019%33.3333%

Satellite #3

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Gruul Adventures5433.1288%48.538%
Mono-Green Food2314.1104%54.2553%
Dimir Rogues2012.2699%48.8095%
Dimir Control137.9755%47.541%
Temur Ramp127.362%52.8302%
Esper Doom Foretold95.5215%48.7805%
Mono-White Aggro63.681%39.1304%
Rakdos Midrange53.0675%29.4118%
Jund Adventures31.8405%72.2222%
Sultai Control31.8405%37.5%

Satellite #4

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Gruul Adventures1522.7273%60.6557%
Dimir Rogues1421.2121%48.2143%
Mono-Green Food913.6364%51.1628%
Temur Ramp69.0909%37.5%
Esper Doom Foretold46.0606%41.1765%
Mono-White Aggro34.5455%64.7059%
Azorius Control23.0303%12.5%
Dimir Control11.5152%25%
Boros Midrange11.5152%0%
Mono-Black Aggro11.5152%33.3333%




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