The Arena Open – Day 2 – 7 Win Decklists

The Arena Open - Day 2

The second day of the inaugural Arena Open is now underway! After an exciting first day of the tournament, all qualified players now get one chance to compete in best-of-three Standard to win up to $2000 USD in cash prizes for reaching 7 wins before 2 losses (or $1000 USD with 6 wins). Be sure to use this form (still work in progress) here or follow and tag us on Twitter at @mtgazone to submit your decklist!

This is the last look at the Standard metagame as we know it with the June 1 banned and restricted announcement coming up, with multiple cards on the watchlist as well as a change to the Companion mechanic that will likely make them less playable than now. With Jeskai Lukka and Winota decks most likely to be affected, check out the more off meta decks below that may avoid the changes and rise to the top.

All 7 win decklists have been posted on the website – we will add decks from different archetypes here, but won’t add the duplicate ones.



Welcome to MTG Arena Zone!

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3 months ago

Thank you for posting my list! I’ll be uploading all the game footage once the event concludes to avoid anybody’s deck being leaked while they are still competing. You can find me at