Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths

Spoiler season continues with Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths: the queen of mind games, the herald of interesting design, and perhaps the spoiler with the best flavour we’ve seen so far! To be released with Theros: Beyond Death on January 16, 2020.

Well, I thought we were cooking with gas yesterday, but I’m not telling any half-truths when I say that Atris has taken my expectations and knocked them right out of the park! This card has one of the most fun and intricate designs we’ve seen not only in the whole set, but in modern magic as a whole. She screams fun and interesting, and boasts complex and skill-testing all at the same time!

Atris is not merely fun, she’s also really good – the base rate on the card is just 3/2 menace for 4 and draw two cards – now you know they’re probably the worst two of the top three cards of your deck, but you’re not putting bad cards you don’t want to draw in your deck anyway! You can always choose that mode, but sometimes if you’re concerned about the prospect of drawing two lands or you’ve got a lot of action and just want quality over quantity, you can slam that pile of one. There’s a ton of potential to bluff with her – your opponents can stack the actual best card in the hidden pile of two, and then put a good card in the face-up pile of one to try to distract you but guess what? Even if it works, that’s a great outcome anyway! 3/2 menace for 4, draw a good card is still a good rate. Atris is especially powerful in graveyard decks – she can bin your Arclight Phoenixes and reanimator targets for you, gives you a bunch of cards to loot away, and often just function as a draw three if you can make use of the card in your graveyard.

Now, Atris is pretty bad against aggro and tempo decks so her standard playability is really dependent on speed of format, how many Shock effects are being played, and how much decks will want a janky value creature, but the power is certainly there and she’s very likely to see play somewhere. In Brawl or Commander, cast all doubts aside – Atris is amazing in slower formats like that, will make a great Commander and if not, be a good card in any Dimir deck!

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    Atris is male.