Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Calix, Destiny’s Hand & Eidolon of Obstruction

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Calix, Destiny’s Hand


Here’s the full illustration from Magali Villeneuve:


Calix is an interesting counterpart to the Tezzeret planeswalkers – just as he synergises with and enhances artifacts, Calix helps and is helped by enchantments, which is a really cool space that it’s kind of surprising planeswalkers haven’t explored before. 

Calix’s abilities are interesting and reasonably powerful, but it’s a relief that he clearly isn’t incredibly busted as with almost every planeswalker of 2019. He follows the classic planeswalker trope where the +1 generates value, the – gets rid of a threat and the ultimate gives you a huge advantage, and all of those planeswalkers have been fairly decent in the past. Unlike them, he only costs 4 (old faces like Ob-Nixilis, Reignited and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria cost 5) but he requires deckbuilding space that they don’t.

You must be an enchantment deck to run Calix, and he is a lot better if you already have an Enchantment out so you can instantly minus him. Minusing Calix can be pretty frightening against a lot of decks and you want to be careful what enchantment you choose to tie their creature to – if you choose something like Banishing Light which already has a creature under it or any other high value enchantment, it’s going to be an absurd blowout if they can remove it.

The amount of deckbuilding space required for Calix’s + ability can be compared to Narset, Partner of Veils. To have a 85% chance to hit, you need about 22 enchantments in a 60-card Standard deck and you really don’t want to go under that %. You want a lot of them to be cheap enchantment creatures, so they come down before and protect Calix.

With all those requirements and his minus being very disruptable (and sometimes not even being usable), I don’t expect Calix to crop up in loads of decks but he’ll be a decent card to consider in any deck that runs enough enchantments in green white!

Eidolon of Obstruction


Here’s the full illustration by Jason Rainville:


Eidolon of Obstruction is the new breed of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben-esque hatebear, but a lot more limited (not to be confused with the formats!) in his application and usefulness. He hates on a very specific permanent type, and he doesn’t do so in a really crushing way.

It is definitely nice that your opponent can’t just slam a planeswalker that costs as much mana as they have and immediately use it anymore and it might disrupt their double spell turns, but overall its utility falls off quite quickly. The Eidolon is immune to the classic “slam t3 Teferi, bounce your 2 drop” line that’s so common in Standard these days, and 2/1 first strike for 2 is a decent body. The Eidolon can also be really good against multiple planeswalkers, where you begin to really tax their mana heavily – he will overperform against Superfriends decks or decks trying to leverage Sarkhan the Masterless, for example. Being an enchantment is a nice added upside for decks that care about that sort of thing.

I expect the Eidolon to see some Standard play, but be more of a roleplayer in a deck or two than a staple.

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