Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Kiora Bests the Sea God & Careless Celebrant

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Kiora Bests the Sea God


Here’s the full illustration by Victor Adame Minguez:


Kiora Bests the Sea God is about as mythic a Saga as mythic gets, showing the sagas’ ability to tell a story through its sages in a really fantastic and immersive way! The artwork is fantastic with an ancient cave painting-esque feel, it has several immensely powerful effects and they each tell another stage in the tale: first Kiora encounters the Kraken, the Kraken and she become locked in an epic battle, and then she proclaims dominance over the Kraken and makes it her familiar. I would recommend watching Tolarian: Community College’s video spoiling this card, as they show off some of the fishiest art from Magic’s history!

The card is also an incredibly powerful ramp and control payoff: it has immediate huge impact; an 8/8 hexproof is going to be impossible for many decks to beat by itself, then it taps down their team the next turn (just in case they were planning on doing something silly like blocking it), and if they haven’t dealt with the enchantment by then you get to Agent of Treachery anything you want! That is a ridiculous amount of value and power, and the question isn’t whether this card will see play but in just how many decks. Get used to seeing a lot of the best ramp payoff we’ve had in years!

Careless Celebrant


Careless Celebrant is a great card in both Constructed, with a solid body that resists removal and which your opponent has to think twice about killing. It looks unassuming, but this is the kind of card that breaks open aggro mirrors, is great to sacrifice, and presents a very real early clock before it does any of that. The rate is efficient enough for both formats, and I think a lot of people will sleep on this card when they shouldn’t. Also great with Gallia of the Endless Dance!

In Limited, Careless Celebrant is an even more huge beating since it will often trade for other 2 drops at value while being equally great to sacrifice. The more aggressive the format, the better the card is, but even late game it will happy trade for x/4s. I would start by taking it at about a 3.5 level if you use LSV’s tier list ratings.

Join us later today, as there are more spoilers to go! Find the full schedule here.

If you’ve not already, be sure to check out our Theros Beyond Death Spoilers page for the full visual card gallery of all the cards revealed so far, and participate in our Theros Beyond Death Preorder Giveaway that runs until January 8, 2020!



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