Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Nyxbloom Ancient, Agonizing Remorse and More

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Nyxbloom Ancient

Source (appropriately The Command Zone)

Nyxbloom Ancient has some pretty sweet art of an overgrown Ent, which is a great representation of this card’s effect!

The card has a tremendously powerful, but often unnecessary effect – if you can reach 7 mana, do you really need to untap with 21? Well you usually don’t, but it’s definitely sweet! This card is mainly going to see really a lot of Commander play, since Commander players are the ones who can really put all that mana to good use, and 7 is a much easier to reach number there. Once you have triple mana, it’s a paltry task to convert that to infinite mana with something like Palinchron or Basalt Monolith, and from there you presumably win the game with any X spell at all. Even in Brawl, you can probably find some really silly uses for that mana on Arena.

In the more mainline Constructed formats, I suspect people are going to be happier with the double mana from known busted card Nissa, Who Shakes the World, but conceivably there are some meme decks out there that really want to generate 20 mana and burn them out with Expansion // Explosion. This effect is too slow and unnecessary for most formats (at the point where a ramp deck in Standard is at 7 mana, they’re casting the spells they want to cast already), but the Ancient will generate a lot of sweet and hilarious moments in the formats where it’s good!

Heliod’s Pilgrim


Heliod’s Pilgrim is a sweet reprint that saw a lot of play in the old Theros block, primarily in UW Heroic decks where it was used to fetch up Ordeals to buff up your Heroic creatures, and was a fine creature to win the game with in a pinch. It’s a solid rate for a tutor; it produces card advantage, allows you to run a lot of toolboxy auras, and combines great with flicker effects. Getting value and flexibility, and enabling your synergies can easily propel even very understatted cards like this one to the top. It could easily see a lot of Standard play if a couple more good auras are printed; I don’t think we’re quite there yet since I don’t see Mantle of the Wolf and Staggering Insight as being enough payoffs alone, but there’s still 60 or so cards left to see!

In Historic Artisan, I see the Pilgrim as a defining card for the Enchantments decks that will no doubt crop up as a result of the new set – it can fetch a whole range of cards such as Curious Obsession, Staggering Insight and Pacifism with impunity, and I suspect it will be one of the best cards for that format from the set.

In Limited, you only need a few decent to reasonable auras for the Pilgrim to be good – as long as he’s getting something that’s worth a card, you’re getting a good deal. I would recommend taking him at C+/3.0 level by LSV’s rating scale. Look out for Compulsion and my Limited Set Review, coming out in the next few days!

Agonizing Remorse


The official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account revealed Agonizing Remorse, a two mana hand and graveyard disruption spell but this time not restricted to colors like the much maligned Thought Erasure! With no Veil of Summer around, will people double this up and extend discard decks like Orzhov Discard or will it mark the return of control decks again?

Mystical Renewal


Mystical Renewal G
Put target enchantment on the bottom of its owner’s library.

This card is a clean answer to the newly printed Gods, and widely played enchantments such as Fires of Invention. At least it doesn’t say draw a card!

Triumphant Surge


The official MTG Arena Twitter account revealed Triumphant Surge, quite a conditional and expensive removal spell for white.

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