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Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Shatter the Sky & More

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Shatter the Sky

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Shatter the Sky is a super interesting new take on Wrath of God, a card Wizards have been very hesitant to bring back into Standard. Shatter the Sky’s ability is both a drawback and upside for different decks! For the Control decks which generally want this sort of effect, it’s a downside – it makes the card less good a midrange hoser since it helps refuel their hand. But for midrange decks themselves, this is a fairly big upside allowing you to get value from your creatures before they die! Gods don’t even die to it, making it a great combo with them as long as they’re activated (which if their devotion includes enchantments and other permanents doesn’t require overextending yourself).

The card is still fine against traditional aggro – most aggro decks do not have a wealth of 4+ power creatures (mono red has none, and even red black Knights only has Rotting Regisaur) and having a 4 mana vs 5 mana wrath is often game-deciding vs those decks. For that reason, I don’t actually think this is enough of a downside that control decks won’t play this card, they’ll just accept the drawback – drawing a card still leaves nothing on the board, and your objective is to clear the board most of the time you cast a wrath. If control or the sort of slower midrange decks that want this are good, then this card will see a lot of Standard play.

Return to Nature

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Return to Nature is a reprint from Throne of Eldraine that it’s a bit weird to see again so quickly, but it’s a lot better in this Limited format and will be maindeckable as there are enchantments everywhere. I would recommend taking the first copy of this card at about C+/3.0 in Draft, though it does get a lot worse in multiples and even the second is only around a C/2.0.

Thrill of Possibility


Thrill of Possibility is a welcome reprint, as it has been a solid card in Izzet Phoenix decks. It’s a bit weird to see it return so soon, but it has a cool promo this time around at least.

This is a really good card in Izzet Limited decks, since there’s an entire mechanic in Blue around casting your first spell on your opponent’s turn in the upcoming Limited format. I would recommend taking this card at C/2.0 (since you’re not always going to be in Izzet, and it’s worse in the other colour pairs). Look out for the draft set reviews from Compulsion and I, to be released over the next few days!

Wolfwillow Haven


Wolfwillow Haven is good ramp in Limited, that still has late game utility. While it unfortunately can’t fix your mana, it’s much more reasonably costed than something like New Horizons. I expect this card to be pretty good and would recommend taking it at C+/3.0.

Nessian Wanderer is a pretty strong card in Limited, since there are enough enchantments that it will ensure you basically never miss a land drop, provide some nice deck-thinning so you draw less lands in the late game, and will give you plenty of fodder to loot away. It’s also just a fine defensive body. I would recommend taking it at about a B/3.5 level in Draft.

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