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Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, Phoenix of the Ash, Dawn Evangel and The Triumph of Anax

We have a flurry of early previews for today for the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death to be released on January 16, 2020. Check out Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, Phoenix of the Ash, Dawn Evangel and The Triumph of Anax!

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling

Illustration by Zack Stella:


@aishawakatsuki revealed Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, the anticipated last god to be revealed for the set! She does not disappoint, as her primary ability is based on a popular card, Conjurer’s Closet.

She can amplify creatures with enter the battlefield effects at the end of each of your turns, and it would be fun to use in conjunction with cards like Yarok, the Desecrated. It also causes the creature to untap, which is a nice bonus and if it has a tapping ability as well. Another thing to note is that if you can steal your opponent’s creature somehow with cards like Act of Treason or Claim the Firstborn, you could permanently gain control of it due to the wording of the card. Neat!

Thassa is by far my favorite god for nostalgic reasons and both of her original art by Zack Stella and the alternate art by Jason Engle (who also drew the other gods) does her great justice.

Phoenix of the Ash


“Phoenix of the Ash” 1RR
Creature – Phoenix
Flying, haste
2R: “Phoenix of the Ash” gains +2/+0 until end of turn.
Escape – 2RR, exile three other cards from your graveyard.
“Phoenix of the Ash” escapes with a +1/+1 counter on it.

IGN Spain spoiled “Phoenix of the Ash” as their preview card, and it was only a matter of time before a Phoenix card with Escape was revealed. It fills a different niche to Rekindling Phoenix where it is more aggressive in nature, and its Escape cost is relatively low, requiring only three cards. It also has a nice mana sink ability that can potentially make this card suitable for even controlling decks.

The Triumph of Anax


Kripparrian spoiled The Triumph of Anax, one of the first Sagas to be revealed with four chapters! The effects of the card is pretty average at best even for an aggressive draft deck where this will likely go into, and on the final chapter your creature doesn’t get the buff so you may not even get any value out of it.

Dawn Evangel


Tokyo MTG Artshow revealed Dawn Evangel as their preview card for today, and it looks to be a very specific card that may be just a little bit too hard to use. It triggers from any creature dying so you could use something like Inevitable End to kill your opponent’s creature and rescue one of your smaller creatures from your graveyard.

If you have not already, be sure to check out our Theros Beyond Death Spoilers page for the full visual card gallery of all the cards revealed so far, and participate in our Theros Beyond Death Preorder Giveaway that runs until January 8, 2020!



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