Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Thassa’s Intervention & More

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Thassa’s Intervention

Thassa’s Intervention full art by Zack Stella, as spoiled by Levunga.

Thassa’s Intervention is truly a tidal wave of a card, with some beautiful artwork! It’s amusing that its flavour text says it brings the flood, when its primary use will be to prevent the flood…

It’s an expensive Quench that becomes a Counterspell if you pump enough mana into it combined with an expensive Divination that becomes a Drawn from Dreams if you pump enough mana into it! As with the other Interventions, it does nothing too efficiently but is incredibly flexible, and as anyone who has played with Charms will tell you, flexibility is just another kind of power and having cards that aren’t dead at any stage of the game is very useful.

I suspect the Intervention will be a 1-2 of in every Flash deck alongside more efficient cards, where it can truly shine in the late game or with Nissa, Who Shakes the World. Other decks like Simic Ramp could easily also be interested, as those decks are very vulnerable to flood and it’s hard to flood with Dig Through Time in your deck!

Heroes of the Revel

Source (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Heroes of the Revel is an interesting and reasonable card in Draft, giving 5/5 worth of stats on the offence (it’s very important that you can’t block with the Satyr, as the card is not nearly as good when you’re behind with that text) for 5 mana, which is an okay rate. Its power really hinges on how much you can activate that second ability, which you’ll usually be doing with auras or tricks; that ability may look unassuming but it’s actually very powerful and can represent a lot of damage/give you the potential to trade up if you have several creatures. The Satyr it creates is very important for that, and is a very real threat once that ability goes off.

I don’t expect most decks to want Heroes that much – it’s an aggressive card which isn’t that good when you’re behind, you need to be playing a lot of tricks or auras for it, and the ceiling is good but not really insane. As such, I would recommend taking it at about a 2.0/C rate in Draft (and even that might be a bit generous). Look out for the draft reviews coming up in the next few days from Compulsion and I!

Favored of Iroas

Source (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Favored of Iroas is a card that really benefits a lot from the ubiquity of Enchantments in Theros: Beyond Death, and looks to be a pretty powerful aggressive card in Draft! Remember that it will usually only have double strike when attacking, unless you can flash in an Omen or an Indomitable Will, but you can set up some pretty major blowouts in the spots where you do have a flash Enchantment. It is a bit unfortunate that you have to play a spell precombat to give the Favored double strike – it doesn’t combine as well with tricks as most double strikers, but it is exceptionally good with auras.

I would recommend taking Favored highly in your aggressive decks, at about a C+/3.0 level. The card is too weak for Constructed, just play Swiftblade Vindicator.

Hero of the Pride


The minor heroic theme that White has continues with Hero of the Pride, a fine 2 drop that will have good upside in some Draft deck. A 2/2 for 2 is an okay rate, but you do want to be a deck with auras and tricks to allow Hero to reach its full potential.

I would recommend taking it at about a C/2.0 level in Draft and a little bit higher if you already have some auras/tricks. The card is definitely not going to be the Pride of any Constructed deck.

Join us later today, as there are more spoilers to go! Find the full schedule here.

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