Theros: Beyond Death Previews – Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath & Archon of Sun’s Grace

Enjoy the following spoilers from the upcoming Theros: Beyond Death, to be released on January 16, 2020!

Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath Story Card

Uro is a terrifying and tremendous card, with great art and flavour, making you wonder how colossal he really is at full size when you just get to see his head peering down through the clouds.. when you first play him, he just gets to dip his head in for a second before he’s cast back into the Underworld and he must Escape properly before he arrives at his full power.

In Standard, Uro directly competes with Risen Reef, being in the same colours and having a very similar effect but not requiring as much of a deck commitment. Uro instead requires self mill or for your deck to have a bunch of instants and sorceries to reach his full potential, as five cards is no small number in Standard and Uro really wants to be Escaped early, but the payoff is certainly there. It’s important to note that Uro also triggers on attacks which means that when you escape him, he’s a huge threat that provides immediate value and demands removal. Uro is one of the best reasons to include self mill cards in your deck and if Simic self-mill is good or you just want a 3 mana explore that’s great in the late game, we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the coming months. 

Archon of Sun’s Grace


Archon of Sun’s Grace represents a very scary threat and a ton of value if you can untap with him. It’s easy to imagine him being a good aggro hoser in an Enchantment synergy deck and the fact that he gives the Pegasi he spawns Lifelink is very relevant. T5 Archon + Dead Weight is a strong play with immediate impact.

In general though, I think the Archon is a bit underpowered and low impact for Standard right now – even the mono red decks tend to have good removal for x/4s in Slaying Fire and Lava Coil. The payoff doesn’t really seem high enough to be worth the 4 mana investment and risk, unfortunately.

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