Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Clockwork Servant, Henge Walker and Fires of Invention

We have just a few spoilers today, with Amazonian revealing two cards on her stream as well as a late but exciting one from Vandal ES that should have been released yesterday.

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Fires of Invention

Source: VandalES


Fires of Invention – 3R
Enchantment – Rare
You may only cast spells during your turn, and you can’t cast more than two spells each turn.
You may cast spells with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of lands you control without paying their mana costs.

Any card that lets you play spells for free is waiting to be broken. You can essential play 8 to 10 mana worth of cards the following turn! Experimental Frenzy is pretty cool with this – all you need is some card advantage spells to back it up.

Henge Walker

Source: Amazonian


Henge Walker – 3
Artifact Creature – Golem – Common
Adamant – If at least three mana of the same color was spent to cast this spell, Henge Walker enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it.
Everything that inhabits Garenbrig is affected by the wild magic flowing through the Great Henge.

Decent filler in limited, 3/3 for 3 is always solid enough to play, though this comes with the price of being Adamant which might not happen enough even if you are playing a dual color deck. As stated below, this depends on the viability of mono colored draft decks in Throne of Eldraine.

Clockwork Servant

Source: Amazonian


Clockwork Servant – 3
Artifact Creature – Gnome – Uncommon
Adamant – When Clockwork Servant enters the battlefield, if at least three mana of the same color was spent to cast it, draw a card.
Some are annoyed by the constant ticking as they clean the cobbles, but to the caste custodians, there’s no sweeter sound.

Seems like a decent card in limited, though Adamant is restrictive in casting it to its full value itself. It will be interesting to see if mono colored draft decks will be viable.



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