Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Fervent Knight is Javier Dominguez’s Player Spotlight Card

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Magic: The Gathering players being depicted on a card is returning with Throne of Eldraine. Previously, we had the Magic Invitational tournament, which allowed the winner to design a card and have their picture on it (e.g. Snapcaster Mage – here is a list of them).

Starting with the Throne of Eldraine, the current World Champion will be featured in a new player spotlight card. While they won’t design it, they will consult with R&D on its selection and will appear pictured in the art. The 2018 World Champion is Javier Dominguez, also a player of the Magic Pro League and here is his card!

Fervent Champion

Source: Javier Dominguez

This is another strong Knight tribal card, which can steer strongly into all three available colors. With this card spoiled with Inspiring Veteran, we are more leaning towards Black and Red with a splash of White. Its equipment ability is also quite interesting – it plays well with the already spoiled Embercleave and will make playing any sort of equipment a decent option with this on the battlefield.

Mono Red Aggro or Cavalcade decks also gets a nice replacement for Fanatical Firebrand.

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