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GameSpot has four cards to show us today – let’s dive right in!

Source: GameSpot

Syr Carah, the Bold

Syr Carah, the Bold

With Syr Konrad, the Grim already spoiled, we are now just waiting for the White version. It’s a very strong limited card, especially on the sixth turn where by then you will have an abundance of mana and low on cards. Remember, it’s any kind of damage, so it can activate the ability on its own without having to attack into your opponent’s creatures.

Searing Barrage

Searing Barrage

Clearly a solid limited card.

Claim the Firstborn

Claim the Firstborn

This card is definitely worth a second look as a constructed card, as it only costs one mana. This could give a Rakdos Aristocrats deck a bit of a push, as you can use it as a fodder to Priest of Forgotten Gods.

Worthy Knight

Knight tribal is definitely pushed in this set – this is worth trying in our Mardu Knights deck (along with Venerable Knight), as the core of the deck is White and Black. It really works well Corpse Knight. We don’t think it will run along side it’s friend Hero of Precinct One, but the option is there should you want a lot of tokens!



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