Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Lochmere Serpent

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Marcio Carvalho (and the Portuguese Magic: The Gathering podcast team) is presenting to us today the lochness monster in Throne of Eldraine.

Lochmere Serpent

Source: @KbolMagic (Marcio Carvalho)

In constructed, this is a good enough finisher card, say in Dimir Control, with a relevant abilities – inevitability, drawing cards, and recursion. It competes with cards like Doom Whisperer, Dream Eater and God-Eternal Kefnet. Having evasion (Flying) without having to sacrifice your land base is a huge bonus though, which this Lochmere Serpent does not have.

In limited I imagine this to be a bomb that will steer you into the Blue / Black archetype with the Faeries and the Warlocks.



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