Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Murderous Rider

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StarCityGames has a juicy spoiler for us, one of our favorites so far in the spoiler season! Take a look below.

Murderous Rider

Source: StarCityGames

The card looks perfectly pushed and primed for Standard, and perhaps even Historic play. It replaces the function of Vraska’s Contempt that is rotating out, and is reminiscent of Hero’s Downfall from back in Theros. The Adventure part is Instant as well, which is a huge bonus!

The card can fit in almost any kind of Black deck:

  • A control deck – Dimir, Esper, what have you as a catch-all removal spell.
  • A Knight tribal deck – probably the most fun way to use the card.
  • Mono Black deck – pairs well with any of the powerful Black cards in Standard 2020 – like Dread Presence, Knight of the Ebon Legion, Embodiment of Agonies and others.

An interesting thing to note is that it prevents true value by not going into the graveyard after it dies – instead it goes to the bottom of the library and cannot be recurred by normal methods. For example, with Order of Midnight.



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