Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Robber of the Rich

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Robin Hood is in Throne of Eldraine also, and it’s only fitting the French Magic Pro League Player, Jean-Emmanuel Depraz is presenting us this card for us today.

Robber of the Rich

Source: @JEDepraz (Jean-Emmanuel Depraz)

A creature with both reach and haste is a rare combination, but fitting as the creature is an archer as well. For the card itself, this is super powerful – this is more than enough to replace Viashino Pyromancer in Mono Red Aggro, as well as Dire Fleet Daredevil. The real fun begins when you start attacking with any kind of Rogues – for example with Tin Street Dodger.

A lot of Red decks will want this whether it be aggro or midrange, and the fact that it is a Mythic Rare is an unfortunate one.



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