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Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Various Twitter Reveals

Throne of Eldraine Set Guide | Throne of Eldraine Set Spoilers

We have a whole flurry of new spoilers from during the day that we have collected and put together in this post with our brief analysis of each one.

Questing Beast

Source: Day9

This creature is depicted as a three-headed Beast who sent people on the High Quest – with the winner becoming the High King of the Realm in the story. Questing Beast has six different abilities – that’s right, six abilities. The awesome art aside, this is another great Green card from Throne of Eldraine that has potential to be played in any Green deck. We are losing the Explore package in Standard rotation, but it looks like we are getting suitable replacements!

Green and Black are proving to be very strong colors in this set so far – Gilded Goose, Once Upon a Time, Lovestruck Beast, Savvy Hunter – are all powerful generic cards.

Wishclaw Talisman

Source: Brian Kibler

The Monkey’s Paw can grant three wishes – but for our opponents as well! We already have another similar card from Core Set 2020 (Scheming Symmetry), which has not seen Standard play yet.

With Karn, the Great Creator or Ashiok, Dream Render out on your side of the battlefield, you can get a card out of it, and your opponent won’t be able to use it, but then you can’t get it back either for the third wish. The question would be if there would be a card you want to really search for in Standard and make use of Wishclaw Talisman – and there usually isn’t, unless there is a playable combo deck.


Source: Martin Jůza

The most obvious deck it fits into is Mono Red Cavalcade, especially potent on Chandra’s Spitfire. Seems like a cool Brawl card with Feather, the Redeemed or Kykar, Wind’s Fury but I couldn’t imagine seeing this played in Standard. The bonus +1/+1 is a little bit too meager and the fact that it requires 4 creatures attacking to get it down to two red mana seems a bit too restrictive for my taste.

Wicked Wolf and Blow Your House Down

Source: NOT A WOLF

Big Bad Wolf is here! Remember you can sacrifice a Food in response to the enter the battlefield trigger, to make it at least a 4/4 and indestructible before fighting a creature. The 3/3 body makes it a bit underwhelming, and it competes with Nightpack Ambusher in the 4 mana slot.

Blow Your House Down is surely a flavor win, but there’s nothing more to say about it.

Witch’s Vengeance

Source: Masters of Modern

Witch’s Vengeance

Tribal was the theme of Core Set 2020 Standard – what a card to negate all that after most of them rotate! Elementals are still around potentially, and they would certainly have to watch out for this card, including Nissa, Who Shakes the World. There is still the unproven Knight archetype, but overall this looks like a pretty specific board wipe with Kaya’s Wrath and Cry of the Carnarium still around.

Giant Killer

Source: Amaz

Eternal Isolation (kind of) and Law-Rune Enforcer in one card – this is another potential Mono White Aggro candidate, though the one drop slot is getting saturated already with Faerie Guidemother spoiled earlier on.



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