Throne of Eldraine Spoiler – Wildborn Preserver and More

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DailyMTG has updated their card gallery overnight for the previous day’s spoilers, which means we have some official English translated versions of cards, a new card, and to round that all off, the alternate arts for some cards as well. Let’s take a look at today’s new card first.

Wildborn Preserver

Source: DailyMTG

This is a solid card, which is obvious fit for Selesnya Tokens, and Simic Flash. This is a decent replacement for the rotating out Merfolk Trickster. There are cards like Brineborn Cutthroat and Woodland Champion that would well work well with this as well.

If we want to go one step further, a Bant Flash deck could even be better which includes cards like Vivien’s Arkbow and Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves.

Weaselback Redcap


This is just Goblin Banneret without Mentor, and the Goblin tribal synergy aside, is a bad limited filler.

Showcase Cards

Here are the showcase cards for Faerie Guidemother, Giant Killer and Oakhame Ranger from yesterday. The art on these cards are beautiful, and we are keen to find out how we can specifically obtain these in MTG Arena.

Variant Cards

Remember, you can check out the full spoiler here.



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