Top Mythic Ladder Decks – Throne of Eldraine Season 3 – Week 1


Welcome to our weekly roundup of Standard and Historic decks players are using to climb the ranked ladder on MTG Arena! Our goal is to curate and post a variety of deck archetypes and interesting card choices at the end of each week to help you keep up to date with the latest trends in the metagame. If you have any decks you wish to be featured, please tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.

Throne of Eldraine Season 3 is now well underway! Currently, about 100 or so people would have reached constructed Mythic ranking by now. In this week’s deck round up, we will see what decks were successful in rushing their way to the top in the early stages of the season.

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Mythic Championship VII Decklists

As you may know, all 67 Standard decklists for Mythic Championship VII has been released. Check out the latest Standard decklists and the metagame analysis below. The tournament is also set to start today at 9 AM PST so tune in for the live coverage!

Standard Decklists

We do not have too many Standard ladder decks to showcase today, as we await results from Mythic Championship VII. The format remains stable since the November 18 ban announcement with the clear top contenders being Jeskai Fires and Jund Sacrifice.

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Historic Decklists

Several players rushed to Mythic this season using Historic decks to prey on the relatively soft metagame. Gruul Aggro and the Simic Ramp/Food decks that utilize the Standard banned cards seem to be performing the best so far. Check out our Monday Metagame article below to see our insights on Historic!

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