Top Mythic Ladder Decks – Throne of Eldraine Season 3 – Week 3


We are now on to the third week of December’s ranked season! The December Esports Update was announced earlier this week, with the key dates and qualification requirements for the competitive players who has their eye on the big tournaments coming up in 2020. This means that the competition will be more tougher than before as more people try to cram in the rankings this season! Long story short, if you manage to finish within the top 1200 Mythic rank this season (either constructed or limited), you are eligible to participate in both:

  • January 11, 2020: Ikoria Mythic Qualifier #1
  • February 29, 2020: Mythic Point Challenge – Ikoria

Also be sure to check out our other top Mythic decks from this season:

Standard Decklists (BO1)

According to the tracker, these are the top five decks of the month (in terms of win rate and meta share) so far in best-of-one Standard ranked ladder. We recently released our own tier list for BO1 Standard also, which we feel lines up very well with the data given. We will be discussing this in more detail in our Metagame Monday article, but in the mean time here are the decks posted by the team.

No posts found.

Standard Decklists (BO3)

MagicFest Oklahoma City concluded last week, that showed a diverse enough metagame with 6 different decks in the top 8. We await results from this weekend’s MagicFest Portland, but it is safe enough to say in the grand scheme of ladder progress in MTG Arena, your deck knowledge and skill will contribute a lot to your win rate. At this point in the season, we will also see a lot of non-meta decks as players build and refine their own brews.

No posts found.

Check out our Standard deck database!
See also: BO1 Tier List / BO3 Tier List

Historic Decklists

Historic is still a bit of a mixed bag, and it is still possible for many different decks to perform well enough. Still be prepared for the Nexus of Fate decks and the Embercleave aggro decks though, since they seem to be the most well-researched.

No posts found.

Check out our Historic deck database!

Deck of the Day

On a similar note, we will be featuring a new deck each day! These are the decks we’ve featured so far, and coincidentally they are decks used in the high Mythic rankings.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s deck collection! Next week we will be back with the final roundup before the season ends and we will keep you updated on the metagame as it changes so you can climb the ladder as best as possible. If you want to take a break from the grind, the Historic Artisan event is currently live for the next ten days as well so be sure to visit our guide and deck section for that!

This column is our weekly roundup of Standard and Historic decks players are using to climb the ranked ladder on MTG Arena! Our goal is to curate and post a variety of deck archetypes and interesting card choices at the end of each week to help you keep up to date with the latest trends in the metagame. If you have any decks you wish to be featured, please tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.



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