Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – March 2021 Ranked Season – Week 2

Banish into Fable

We are halfway through the March 2021 ranked season and this weeks we have even more decks for you to delve into for your MTG Arena journey!

On Thursday, we had the latest patch deployed (which had its own issues that players may still be dealing with this weekend) so be sure to check out our latest guides for the new events:


We have some cool decks to showcase this week, ranging from an Azorius Control deck featuring Banish into Fable, a Trasmogrify deck, and even a rise of a synergistic Golgari deck featuring Sarulf, Realm Eater.

The format looks to be relatively healthy and stable (though I’m sure many are awaiting the rotation of Throne of Eldraine), with still room for innovation as the focus shifts more towards Historic until the release of Strixhaven!


Historic Anthology 4 is here and players are looking to find the best shell for the most anticipated card in the set, Death's Shadow. The metagame is still early, so we will see how the decks evolve with the new cards as the pro players test the format for tournaments.

Perhaps the most interesting development so far are control decks rising back from the ashes without the need to worry about Uro. Azorius Control has seen its popularity rise as it was already a well refined build. We are also seeing decks featuring Release to the Wind to allow us to cast the expensive side of double sided cards such as Valki, God of Lies or Nicol Bolas, the Ravager.

The Collected Company decks are still strong as ever, as the Angel lifegain and Sacrifice decks occupy the top spots in the current metagame.

This is our weekly column, and if you have decks you want to be featured in the next edition tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.


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